Can't eat spicy food? Here's non-spicy Korean foods recommended by Koreans for you to try

I love spicy food but I can't tolerate the extreme amount of hotness level in terms of Korean food. If you are like me but you'd like to try Korean food, then this list is for you!

1. Bulgogi
This is stir-fried meat marinated in soy sauce, with some sesame oil and seeds. The most similar to it in terms of Filipino food is somehow a fusion of adobo and tapa.

2. Naengmyeon
Literally means cold noodles is highly suggested during winter or summer. Summer because it has a cooling effect but they also eat it during winter because Koreans believe that you need to beat the heat with heat and cold with cold. There is plenty of naengmyeon variation but the most famous one is mul naengmyeon. Usually, it has hand-pulled noodles, an egg, some vegetables, broth soup, and ice.

3. Samgyetang 
As mentioned in (2), they do believe that to beat the heat, one must take in some heat too so Samgyetang is their most consumed food during summer. They do believe that it gives them lots of energy. Samgyetang is a whole chicken stuffed with different herbs and has been boiled with ginseng to give that delicious and healthy soup.

4. Kimbap
Rolled in dried seaweed, rice and other ingredients (like chicken, pork, pickled radish, cucumber, crab sticks, kimbap have been a huge favorite of those who are in a rush!

5. Tteok
This cylindrical rice cake is a famous Korean street food (comes in spicy sauce and is called tteokbokki) but if you can't eat it spicy, go for the stuck ones, most of the time, it comes with sausages.

6. Miyeokguk
 Popularly known as the birthday soup is easy to go food and has played a huge part in Korean's culture. This is because it reminds everyone about their birth when their moms usually eat seaweed soup to generate more milk for the children.

7. Gyeran mari
One of the easiest Korean side dish that even one can make at home. It is just egg roll with tiny bits of vegetables (whatever's initially available inside your ref!) The only difference in the usual omelette is its colors as I don't really find the taste different or the vegetables aren't that much to produce an unusual taste. Top it up with ketchup and it's good to go!

8. Odeng / Eomuk Tang
This is known as fish cake and is one of the huge hits among their street food. Usually, this is included in Tteokbokki (spicy rice cake) or can be sold per stick and comes with a very nice soup. This is also one of my favorite Korean food. If you are not coming to Korea yet, you may try purchasing one from a Korean mart.

9. Jjajangmyeon
Even though the origin is from China, Jjajangmyeon or black bean noodles is one of the must tries among the non-spicy Korean food. It doesn't look that appetizing because of its color but the taste is great!

10. Dried products (seaweed, fish, octopus and etc) 
If you'll gonna ask me what type of Korean snack is my favorite, then it's gonna be Kim (dried seaweed). This is probably second among Kimchi on the most popular Korean food and they use it for rice rolls or simply shred it to mix with rice. As for me, I also eat it on it's plain manner-- the basic dried ones. Also, you must try dried ojingeo (octopus) and fish!

Bonus: Kare (curry) 
It may not be so Korean but their take on Kare is just really nice. They put diced vegetables, some meat and it's a little bit creamier than the usual curry. They also love to mix it with rice and i'm pretty sure that you'll gonna like it.

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**photos from the internet.

I'd like to thank my students and friends for sharing their thoughts with me in coming up with this list. Did your favorite Korean food made it on the list? Or do you have other alternatives to help our friends try more Korean food that suits their palette? Share you thoughts on the comment section!


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