Potato Corner Lab Experience in Glorietta

Potato Corner is surely one of my favorite snacks whenever I need to spend time my me time or bonding and binge chatting with my friends. Who doesn’t like French fries anyway? They have leveled up their flavors and recently opened the Potato Corner Lab in Glorietta just for you!

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We were excited to spot the lab and experienced experimenting ourselves! It wasn’t a fancy dining but a to go bigger version of a food stall. Having that laboratory look, they have cute floors with designs of laboratory equipment like beakers and it’s well lighted to make it look pop! It’s a three-step experiment shop that you should follow:

1. Choose your flavors (in an automated machine)

Compared to the usual potato corner shop, this lab has plenty of flavors to choose from, even the weird and rare ones. You can select from the savory, sweet and spicy choices. Who would think that Kimchi flavor and chocolate flavor does exist? The price of the flavors differs, some requires additional 10 pesos for each flavor.

Additionally, you may opt to upgrade your fries into twister or crisscross. It’s up to you on how you’d like your fries to be. However, you must add 40 pesos for the upgrade.

If you are planning to have tera fries like we did, you have the option to pick 3 flavors of your choice. Here, you can already order additional items that you’d like to have. We noticed that they have drinks and even hash brown!

Once you are done, a que number will automatically print!

(This would take 2-5 mins)

2. Payment Area

Payment is the next stage where you just must fall in line and pay for your order. That’s when they’ll be starting to process your order.

(This would take 1-5 mins depending on the number of people who ordered)

3. Claiming Area
The claiming area is also the same as the waiting area where you must wait for your order. Even though there were plenty of people who ordered, it only took less than 5 mins before our number has been called.

We were surprised to see the robot shaker where they’ll allow you to try the fries shaker machine designed with a very cute neon green light!

Ella’s Recommendation

1. If you love potato corner, this is the place to be! You may want to try their flavors that’s only available in Potato corner lab.

Have you tried the Potato Corner Lab?