Running Man PH: Missions

Being a fan of running man for a long time, I've always wanted to see them up close or just at least watch and join an event that's actually like running man. Just this Jan. 19, I had the chance to finally see a nametag ripping in front of me and up until now, the adrenaline keeps rushing. Thanks to Running Man PH for their annual events! Here's what transpired during the Running Man PH: Missions at the Korean Cultural Center.

We all love how competitive our members were and this time, Filipino fans embodied their idol's strength and played in behalf of their favorite members representing Garry 개리, Haha 하하, Ji Seok Jin 지석진, Yang Sechan 양세찬, Song Ji Hyo 송지효, Jeon Seomi 전소미, Lee Kwangsoo 이광수, Kim Jungkook 김종국 and Yoo Jae Sook 유재석). Here's the whole team posing for a group photo!

Ice Breaker
For the members to get to know one another and create strategy at the same time, they were given a task to create a cheer for their team. On the spot, their creative juices started to overflow and all of them performed well on stage after a few minutes.

The missions

The mission started when the boss showed a video of him asking all the members to invest and help him grow his corporation and the winner would be a part of the board. The teams were handed out bank accounts with different amounts and can invest up to 10% of their funds for every game. There's a chance to switch accounts every game depending on their game results.

Wearing their respective colors, (Haha - yellow, Kim Jungkook - Red, Lee Kwangsoo - black, Garry - blue, Jihyo - purple, Seomi - pink, Sechan - gray, Seokjin - orange and Jaesuk - green) the mini games started and everyone enjoyed interacting through games with which their camaraderie as a team will be tested!

Relay: First member would do elephant spin 10 times and eventually wear stockings on their head. Followed by a Yakult tower and a bowling.

 The next one is the charades type of pass the message where members need to act the words and they must finish and answer each word within a minute. Audience were all laughing at how the message changes from one person to another during the game.

 Ooooops! What's running man without a betrayer? Here's the blue book for all the traitors out there!

The highlight? Here you go! The nametag ripping where the competition is on. The angst is just all over the place and the hype for winning is extremely high that numerous jackets and name tag weren't just ripped off but totally torn. Can you imagine the adrenaline? If you aren't familiar with this game, it's a last man standing game and they need to protect their name tags no matter what. They've been given 15 minutes per match to do it. Suddenly, the KCC wave hall just turned into a wrestling ring (Kidding!).

Since the first part was a match between 3 teams, the finals where Team Seokjin, Jihyo and Garry fought through the Number game. It's a game wherein Each of the players must knee down and call out a number in order starting from 1. Players who have not shout out the number and the players who kneed down and shout the same number together are eliminated in the game.

The games ended but a video message from the boss came on screen once again. This time, it's a battle between the betrayers and the PDs. They have to oust out all the PDs to claim all their investments.

The winner? It's Team Seokjin!!!

 Guess what, there's actually a PD hiding on the table below the laptop. I wonder how she fitted herself in here! Can you feel how fun it has been for all the participants? By all means, the event was a huge success so Kudos to all the PDs!

You may check on their future projects, updates and activities here: Running Man PH (Official)

I'd love to join them on their next missions too! Are you a fan of running man? Then make sure that you subscribe on their page!


  1. Really enjoyed the event together with my 2 older sisters. See you next year. Fighting

  2. I hope i can join next. Im a fan of running man since. I already watch all ep. There is any fb pages or acc.? So that i can updates those events.

    1. Hello!! Would love to meet you too in their future events!
      Here's their page:
      You'll get updated for sure! ♥