Yi Fang Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea Latte

What's with the hype of brown sugar pearl milk tea? I tried YiFang's Brown Sugar Pearl Latte and here's my review:

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t was a Saturday night when my friend and I decided to try YiFang, we've seen this hole in the wall store for quite a few times already but we never had the chance to try because it's either we're already full from our previous food crawl or the lines were too long for us to wait. This time, it wasn't and i'm glad we're set for that perfect timing. There's only about 7 people ahead of us and it won't hurt to wait for a while.

You can already check which one you'll be ordering while waiting for your turn to order.


We ordered our Yi Fang Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea Latte and just the plain Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea with 80% sugar. Their pearls weren't as huge as the usual pearls that you buy from other milk tea brands but I love it better. 

The taste? I was expecting that it would taste a little bit similar to Taho but it wasn't. It's better. 80% is already good if you aren't that much a fan of very sweet drinks. Taste wise it's similar to Macao Imperial's cheesecake milk tea drink with just a little less of the cheese taste. Overall, it was really nice and there's plenty of pearls! 


B2 Wumaco Building 7th ave. cor, Lane P, Taguig


  1. I ordered once sugar was 25% and it was the best! Brown sugar pearl + 100% sugar content milk tea is a no no combination. :)