Satisfying your Takoyaki and Milk Tea Cravings: Gulu Gulu PH is now in Savemore Nagtahan

Craving for Milk Tea and Takoyaki at the same time? Here's a newly opened shop that you must check in Savemore Nagtahan! Gulu Gulu PH is a franchise of the original Gulu Gulu brand from Taiwan. Here's some of their must tries that you shouldn't miss:


Drink and Eat! The best combination of Takoyaki and Milk Tea is here! The place could cater about 20 people comfortably or you can just take out and roam around the place! The interiors were cute and simple yet very instagram worthy! They have more than 500 stores abroad and this is their first branch in the Philippines!

Not just great for your Instagram feed, their Takoyaki which comes in three flavors are all must tries!!! Flavors include Classic Takoyaki, Takoyaki with Pork or Tuna floss and Takoyaki with Roe. All of these flavors are priced at 140 pesos for 6 pcs already!

For their special drinks, you may want to try their Mango Gulu or their special tea drinks! Their tea drinks even include the real fruits on the drink so it tastes so special!

Here are some of the drinks that you'd want to try! The green tea has pearl and red bean sinkers, their milk tea is made with real herbs and if you are a fan of strong tea flavors, you'll surely enjoy the drink! If you aren't much a fan of teas, then the chocolate one is for you!

For their items, the price is actually cheap for its quality and quantity so it's a must try for milk tea and takoyaki lovers! If you are overwhelmed with their sizes, the combo is something that you must not miss! It is a milk tea cup topped with 3 pcs of Takoyaki!


Savemore Supermarket, Magsaysay Blvd, Santa Mesa, Manila
Contact:  +63 9171574841