Make It Happen: My Kpop friends join Globe’s online campaign

It’s now out! My friend ‘Travel with Karla,-- she’s been known that way (Haha!)-- invited me and Pearltheexplorer (Jel) to join her for an online campaign with Globe to partake in a mini online series. The campaign episode is all about Kpop and Kdrama fans and my friend Karla had been interviewed. Us? We play the supportive friends (Haha!), here’s the fun-filled experience that we had:

As I am a Kpop fan myself, when Karla asked me to join for this event, I abruptly said yes! I like supporting my Kpop friends and I’m up for anything Korean related. I was given a brief instruction that we’ll just have a little scene like browsing some Kpop merch and we’re done).

We went to the venue and had the chance to check The Dessert Museum. It was only five of us, Karla, Jel, me, jel’s sister and a new friend Anna. While waiting for the production team, we had the chance to get to know Anna more as it is our first time to meet her (She’s Karla’s friend). At the same time, the short talk ended up as reminisce time for us 2nd generation Kpop fans to have some pep talks about the generation of fans today. (This sounds so tita-ish!!!)

We were briefed that we’ll be doing cute poses like the ones we see in some short films and we’re shocked about it. (or maybe my friends were shocked because I’m already expecting it to happen that way).

So we went inside The Dessert Museum and had a fast phased shoot with almost all the rooms. Also took some snaps of the place for our blogs (because blogger duties over anything else!). Tried some of the desserts, took photos and videos again. We had enough sweets, but we also burnt out all the energy we have for that morning. Above anything else, it was still a great day, new experiences with my great friends.

Afterwards, we went to Songdowon for our lunch. It is also the next set for our shoot and some videos of us eating had been taken.

Our supposedly last stop was the Noraebang. It wasn’t our first time in a Noraebang but It was the first time that Noraebang literally drained me. Two more girls joined us and I’m surprised that one of the girls said that she knows me.

We had a great Korean lunch experience but after singing numerous Korean songs (simply reading the lyrics is the right tone because I’m out of tune), we ate almost everything that’s on our table. Nachos, Kikiam and Squidballs, lumpiang shanghai and iced tea and we just can’t believe we did that. Afterwards, one of the two girls finally realized that we’ve met before in Hanggul Gyoshil, it’s one of my previous Korean organizations before where I took part as a council member.

We joined our friend on the last stop – the production’s office just around Makati. They had a flatlay of the merch we have and I’m glad to see such a great production shoot on going. I love flatlays but flatlay doesn’t really love me.

It’s our usual Kpop tita day bond/ gathering and I love the idea that we managed to squeeze in our time and enjoy each other’s company. Aside from that, we were able to share the happiness that Kpop brings to us as fangirls and eventually got the chance to show it with the world. Thank you so much Globe for the wonderful opportunity!


  1. Ngayon ko lang nabasa to. Ang panget ko sa thumbnail pero keri lang hahahaha!

    1. di ko naman kasi shinare yan HAHAHAHA nilagay ko lang para atleast may idea ako kung kelan yan nangyari. for reference hahaha