Quezon: Kamay ni Hesus and Noah's Ark

If you are a Catholic and you know you are up for some pilgrimage just around Quezon, then this place is for you. It will require you a short hike to reach the 'Kamay ni Hesus' shrine which is a huge statue of Jesus located on top of the hill. Aside from that, they have a Noah's Ark with figures of different life sized animals on their garden.

The church

Plenty of people visit this place because they say that numerous people already receive miracles through faith healing. This is conducted on a schedule released by the church ahead of the event.

The hike

The hike wouldn't take that long, probably just around 10-30 mins and it would be a little easier because you can already see the top when you start to climb. Aside from that, there's a great view ahead of you while you work yourself out to reach the top.

This is a 50ft high statue of Jesus located at the top of the hill. This has turned into a huge tourist spot for pilgrimage purposes of Catholics.

Noah's Ark

They have a huge garden connected on the hill and they created the Noah's Ark. Noah's Ark is popular as the bible stated that Noah created the ark and gathered pairs of animals during a huge flash flood. The ark played a huge role in sustaining the number of animals that survived until today.

The animal statues were located in all over the place! Kids enjoyed roaming around to play with the slides while the adults enjoyed taking pictures.

Here's another one!

You can also find a huge koi pond where people enjoy feeding the fishes. You can purchase fish pellets and do the feeding yourself1

Noah's Ark has been converted into a house of prayer so it will still be functional aside from being a reminder to Catholics of its previous use in the history.

I don't know why but I really find this Adam and Eve's photo funny because of the two people sitting in front of them.

They also have his huge prayer wall where you hang your prayer requests. This is located beside the candle lighting area.

Ella's Recommendation
1. Upon exit, you might want to try different Filipino food located in their mini food hall.
2. During Sundays, they conduct healing sessions after the mass so you might be interested attending the mass first and join the faith healing ceremony.

Kamay ni Hesus, Lucban Quezon

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