Snow Boom Dessert Cafe Review

Up for another Korean-themed cafe? Here's a quick review of my Snow Boom Dessert Cafe experience in University Mall, Taft. 

What is Snow Boom Dessert Cafe?

Snow Boom Dessert Cafe is a Korean-themed restaurant located inside the university mall. It comes with a crib-like dining experience which is a common Korean restaurant theme best designed for couples. They offer a number of pasta, Korean food, sandwiches, and shaved ice desserts (bingsu). 


For their meals, expect to spend 150 pesos to 350 pesos.
For desserts, you will be spending around 190 pesos to 360 pesos.


I am surprised that the area is actually more spacious than how it looks likes from the entrance. They have numerous areas where people could simultaneously gather each crib. There's also enough privacy for each. It's just awkward that my friend and I got to sit in front of a couple and while we are chatting they just randomly kissed.

For a bigger group, their biggest space for a group can probably hold about 10 pax comfortably. Also, there's this wall wherein the fan arts of their diners were put. Vandalizing their walls isn't allowed here.


We wish to order two different bingsu but both aren't available according to the person on the counter area. We asked if the mango cheese bingsu is available on the menu and they said that the dessert we want is available. Eventually, after paying, we were told that there is no more cheese and that it only contains four cuts of it so it wouldn't matter at all. They never really asked us if we want to have it changed and so we just said okay and already selected our desired seat.

The restaurant looks a bit of SHP bibimbap's crib-like design but the interiors would remind you of Noriter Cafe as well. It is located inside the university mall so I guess most of their customers are mostly students. During our visit, we also saw a group of friends celebrating birthday in one of their cribs. A crib could probably fit 6 people comfortably.

When our order Cheese Mango arrived, I got pretty disappointed. Obviously with the fact that there is no cheese and the size is smaller than the usual bingsu given that the price is the same as usual of bingsu in other shops. This one is large and we paid 360 pesos for this. It has mango-flavored ice cream on top. The mango is too sour that my friend and I decided to eat only a few spoons and left the place already. 

Ella's Recommendation

Given the food experience, I am not sure if I'll be visiting here once again for bingsu. It's a huge disappointment but I might give the other food a try. I checked on their menu and they have the honey bread so I might try it as well.


Second Floor, University Mall,
2507 Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila