So Natural Red Peel Tingle Serum and ph 5.5 red ampoule mask Review

So Natural Red Peel Tingle Serum and ph 5.5 red ampoule mask helps remove the unwanted dead skin cells and brightens up your overall facial glow. Ampoule is a higher amount of serum with more active ingredients to serve as a booster for your skin. I got this from Hanmanila.

Step 1: Red Tingle Serum

The first step is to apply the Red Tingle Serum kick starts cell renewal and achieves visible radiance. It helps brighten up dull skin and reduces the look of pores. Scent wise, this product smells like berries -- one of its key ingredients. This is wash off type.

Step 2: Apply the Ampoule Mask

The packaging instruction says it's gonna take around 20 mins for you to apply but it must take around 15-30 mins only depending on how well your skin absorbs the solution. You should tap the remaining 'water' in your skin for better absorption.

Benefits of using Products with Ampoule:
1. Tones up the skin (톤업 매근피부)
Dissolve unnecessary dead skin cells to brighten and smooth the skin tone. (불필요한 각질을 녹여 피부톤을 밝고 매끈하게 케어 합니다.)

2. Closes the pores (촘촘 모공케어)
Remove the oily substances from the surface of the skin and take care of them with a dense pore. (따끔하게 피부 표면에 쌓인 긱질을 제거해 촘촘한 모공으로 케어 합니다.)

3. Ting off the dead skin (따끔 각질제거)
Remove the dead skin from the skin with AHA and BHA components and clean it up. (AHA, BHA 성분이 피부에 쌓인 각질을 제거해 까끗한 피부로 케어 합니다.)

Instructions here are both in Korean and English so it's easy to follow.

Ella's Recommendations
I suggest that you use this product if you are aiming for a fast result as it is designed for those cases. However, when the effect starts to show, you must shift afterward to organic products to maintain the glow that you want for your skin.