Fantastic K-BBQ experience at Fantastic Chef!

Guess what? We discovered a new gem in Malate Manila for samgyupsal lovers! Fantastic Chef is a newly opened restaurant serving 12 types of premium meats and outstanding side dishes that both Koreans and Filipinos will love!

They have a spacious, well-lighted and well air-conditioned space for dining. It's simple yet very elegant at the same time! Some of their wall accents include soju and Samgyupsal wall decors.

This area, in particular, reminds me of a scene in Kdramas since its too romantic and very 'Korean' at the same time. Traditional Samgyupsal restaurants usually have that simple characters outside their glass windows.

I find it really cute whenever I see English and Korean translations on the wall. Only proves that they also have Korean customers who enjoy their food!

If a restaurant exceeds six good tasting side dishes on a normal serving, then you must already know that they know their food very well and they have legit recipes. Also, one of my biggest consideration of calling a Korean restaurant an authentic one is their take on Kimchi. The fantastic chef serves cabbage Kimchi, spring onion kimchi and coleslaw salad.

If you are not comfortable with spicy ones, their Kimchi is not as spicy as what Koreans used to eat but it still has that kick. As for the spring onion kimchi, it has a lesser spiciness compared to the cabbage one while the coleslaw salad is perfect for those who can't take any spicy level at all.

They also japche (glass noodles), pickled radish and lettuce for the ssam! When Japche gets cold, I don't really like it but for the first time, I enjoyed eating it. As a blogger, I got used to eating food when it's cold since we need to take plenty of photos! Their japche is a little sweeter probably since they adjusted it for Filipino's liking. As for their pickled radish, it has a strong sour-sweet flavor, something that I love about pickled radish!

My favorites
I don't usually get my favorite side dishes whenever I eat at a Korean restaurant in the Philippines but I had all of them here!
Odeng (fish cake) is traditionally served in a Korean table at home but they don't serve it in restos in the Philippines because it's not so cost effective as we know how much it costs in Korean marts! For the sundobu jjigae (tofu stew), it's quite expensive too even though it may look like a simple stew. It is made of dobu (tofu), cucumber, beef cuts for the stew to taste and is flavored with dwaenjang (chili paste).

The cheese sauce is a new trend in Manila for Samgyupsal restaurants but they took it as a challenge to improve their sauce having a fusion of different cheeses on their sauce. I can't define it all but I'm pretty sure that there's mozzarella in it! Lastly, my friend and I couldn't be any happier having the egg stew served very fresh in front of us!

They have 12 choices of meat and here are some of them ♥ The selection includes Skirt meat, rack, jowls meat, Cheek, Seasoned pork neck, pork belly, thin pork belly, spicy pork bulgogi, seasoned chicken bbq, spicy chicken bbq, beef plate and seasoned beef plate.

Ella's Reccomendation

1. For you to be able to try all the meat flavors for sharing, I suggest that you are five or more in the group. Why? because the serving was generous and everything is good for sharing

2. Often check their page for promos!!!


♥ Unlimited Samgyupsal at 499 (for pork)
♥ Unlimited Samgyupsal at 549 (for pork and beef)

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They also have ice cream for their dessert and alcoholic beverages. (All for ala carte!)


  1. Thank you!! I will definitely recommend this to my friends! ❤️