Korean Cultural Center Memory Lane Exhibit

As a Krew member since 2016 and a student of the Korean Cultural Center in 2014, I've seen a lot of activities, events and classes in KCC. This is also the place where I met great people who turned out to be some of my closest friends in the real world.

The Program

The KCC's recent exhibit made me reminisce on the previous years that I spent as a student and Krew member. The one day only exhibit 'KCC Memory Lane' is dedicated to all the staffs, volunteers and students of the center. Let me share with you some of the highlights of the exhibit and I'll mention some of the events that reminded me of it.

Before anything else, Director Lee Jincheol warmly welcomed everyone including all the previous staffs, performers, Krew and supporters of the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines from the year 2011 to 2018. Afterwards, Vice Director Lee Dukyung shared his thoughts about the 7 years he's been with the center, he's been a part of the KCC since 2011. They both shared how much they appreciate all the efforts of the people behind KCC and how the center grew to become a culture factory in the Philippines.

 One of the pioneer members for the volunteer program Anne walked us through the volunteering events that Krew enjoyed through the years and how it developed each one of us and even earn friends from the pool of volunteers having the same passion for Korean culture.

The exhibit

I am super thankful that I had the chance to meet some of the nicest staffs of KCC through the years!

KCC was established in the Philippines in the year 2011 and they have only 3 staffs when it started. This is also the year that Korean culture boomed in the Philippines.

 Sometime around 2013, I enrolled in KCC's basic class and continued Elementary 1 in 2015. During this year, I learned about the Krew program where I eventually took part in 2016. Please excuse our faces, we were cramming for our final video.

I gained numerous friends in the Krew program and learned a lot about events management, working behind the scene and working hand in hand to provide the best experience to the audience during mini and huge events! Yup, we are some of the faces that work behind the scene.

Talking about major events, here's our Global Taste of Korea (Global Taste of Korea blog) and Pinoy Kpop star events team!!!

 Going back, this is the year when I had the chance to join the Krew program. This is also the time when I was extremely active volunteering for events, partaking in the media team and submitting blogs once a month! (Oh diba ang sipag?)

Here are some of my published articles under the Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines' official blog: The Krew (kcc supporters blog)

• Peppero Day: The story of 11:11
• The festival that changed our views on ‘K-culture’
• BTS on Stage: Epilogue in Manila Concert
• A night of K-pop performances: 2016 Pinoy Kpop Star Grand Finals
• What you need to know about Korean Birthday seaweed soup
• Apink marks Manila debut at MTV Music Evo 2016
• 10 Most Popular Korean Food in the Philippines
• Let’s Play! Nolja: Korean Day 2016 at UP Diliman
• A Day of Cultural Immersion at UP International Fair
• For the love of KPOP: One love: A K-Pop Tribute Dance Festival at SM Megamall
• What’s in store at #FRIYAYSatKCC
• The Korean way of Valentine’s Celebration

Throughout the years, the KCC family grew together with the volunteers partaking with more center-based events and has expanded to more partnerships with other organizations in the Philippines to provide learnings about Korean culture to more Filipinos.

Since I don't want to miss the highlights of the events I attended or volunteered in, I often do blogs for each event. Major events that I attended include: Strokes: Beautiful Korean Calligraphy Art ExhibitGuerilla K-nightKorean sool exhibit: Hangwa workshop for KCC events and external partners of KCC like the Kribbon selection: Constancy and Change of Korea and The festival that changed our views on Kculture from POSCO.

Of course let's not forget that KCC became a way for us to experience the Hallyu wave through its Friyays with KCC and some fanmeets. I was a part of the A decade with Ukiss event and covered for BIG press conference and wrote the Reasons why BIG is the next big thing.

A huge dedication wall had been prepared for all the attendees to write on their messages and best wishes for the center as it is actually transferring to a new home soon!

 I can't wait to see the new KCC building as well!! And yup, I have to agree that being with the volunteers and staffs of KCC is one of the best memories that I could share!!!

To my self-proclaimed team, the people I am closed with since Batch 3 where we all started, being the youngest in Batch 3 and 4 and has now gained a few years already, we are still together (tho we are always late!! haha)

Of course, what's Krew without being Krung-krew?

Don't forget to give the KCC Page a thumbs up for their future events and if you are aiming to be a part of the coolest Krew, then check out my blog about My experiences as Krew! We'll miss you Mancor building and see you soonest at the new KCC building!