10 Must try Korean restaurants and food hub near De La Salle University Taft (Vito Cruz)

Vito Cruz Area particularly the ones near De La Salle University and LRT Vito Cruz station mean having the chance to try different kinds of Korean food that's just a few blocks away from one another. 

Be it Samgyupsal, dessert or noodles, there's a perfect Korean restaurant for it! Here comes my first #LRTStationFinds to share with you!

1. Samgyupsalamat

Samgyupsalamat which claimed itself to fame boomed in Manila and all over the Philippines having different branches with plenty of people lining up for hours just to try to get themselves a table. The catch? They usually have about six Korean side dishes but comes in perfect shape and taste. However, you need a lot of patience to overcome the long waiting game!

Location: Vinzon's Place, Malate, Pablo Ocampo St., Malate, Manila Malate
Facebook Page: Samgyupsalamat
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2. Noriter Cafe

A dreamy and cozy cafe that would simply bring you to some of your most favorite Korean dramas (often the dating scene!) is this resto cafe in  Taft Avenue and in front of De La Salle University. The Noriter cafe is a Korean franchise of a Seoul-based coffee shop and they've brought both the ambiance and enhanced their take on Korean food for Filipinos' taste.

Location: 2nd floor, Taft Avenue Corner Estrada St., Manila

Facebook Page: Noriter Cafe Manila
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3. SHP Bibimbap

Koreans aren't fond of eating alone so in Korea, they made a restaurant that you can actually dine with huge bears so you at least have someone to talk with in case you have no choice but to eat lunch by yourself! Nothing to worry about because we already have one in Manila! SHP Bibimbap won't allow you to suffer from eating alone 'cause they've got lots of huge teddies to dine in with you. They also serve plenty of Korean food on their menu!

Location: 2nd-floor Mervin terraces bldg, 980 P. Ocampo Street, Malate, Manila

Facebook Page: SHP Bibimbap Cafe and Restaurant
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4. Dweji-out Korean Samgyupsal Buffet

DwejiOut Samgyupsal Korean buffet allows you to dine in their Kpop-themed restaurant for as low as 350 pesos! They also earned the Philippine Social Media Awards 2018 as Star Brand Korean Buffet with their unlimited choices of pork, beef, and side dishes!

Location: 2656 Leveriza Street, Pasay City

Facebook Page: DwejiOut Samgyupsal's Facebook Page

5. GoKain Bistro

If you are up for some healthy Korean food that tastes like the homemade ones, the GoKain Bistro caters your cravings having their most epic 'From my ex-wife's secret recipe' menu! They also have Korean snacks with unlimited side dishes for only 99 pesos and below!

Location: 2nd-floor University mall, Taft Ave, Manila

Facebook Page: Gokain Bistro Page
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6. Snowboom Dessert Cafe

A bingsu shop that features the aesthetics of crib-like shops, the Snowboom Dessert Cafe in University Mall also serves rice meals, pasta, frappes, and coffees.

Location: 2nd floor University mall, Taft Ave, Manila

Facebook Page: Snowboom Dessert Cafe
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7. Muhan Unlimited Samgyupsal

The Muhan Unlimited Samgyupsal doesn't just provide quality meat, they also serve unlimited side dishes with a premium taste. Aside from their unli-meats and dishes, they also serve ala-cartes for noodles and shabu shabu!

Location: 2/f green podium one archer's building, Taft Avenue

8. 24 Chicken

Binge-watching on your favorite Korean drama or you just want something to munch on while having a beer? 24 Chicken Delivery Manila got them both for you! This to-go and delivery chicken will surely give you a dose of Korean flavors you've been craving for!

Location: 2472 Leon Guinto St. Corner Estrada St., Vito Cruz, Manila

9. Fantastic Chef

A tower of samgyupsal with 12 meat choices? This newly opened restaurant is taking you to a whole new different experience in terms of your meat and Korean food cravings. They also have Dwaenjang Jjigae and Odeng as side dishes! Truly a premium experience for their diners.

Location: 2472 Leon Guinto Street, Taft, Pasay City

Facebook Page: Fantastic Chef Taft

10. Bonchon Chicken

Known for being the best and most popular Korean fast-food brand in the Philippines, Bonchon chicken maintained its credibility of producing different types of Korean food at an affordable cost and it can be enjoyed by Filipinos all over the Philippines.

Location: Ground floor, University Mall, 2507 Taft Ave, Malate
Which among our faves made it on your list? Share with us in the comment section!