Lemona C Face mask (C레모나) mask

Lemona Vitatherapy Mask is the mask counterpart product of Lemona Vitamin C which is one of my favorite vitamin products from South Korea. Glad that they already turned this effective product into a mask now and here's my review about it! 

Lemona C mask contains a strong lemon scent once you open the package and pretty strong slimy solution. I often put the mask on the refrigerator about 30 mins before using it since I like my face mask cold.

The instructions at the back were written in Korean, English, and Mandarin so it's easy to understand. Nevertheless, face mask is just used on the face. haha!

One thing that I usually notice in face masks is that it doesn't really fit Filipino face and it's obvious with this one.

Since this is lemon face mask, I expected that it would exfoliate some of the dirt in my face. Eventually, a couple of pimples showed up for a few days but it's actually good since my face got moisturized for a few days after applying the mask.