Living in La Mediterranea: a small village in Cavite

I had a semi-work, semi-vacation in a village called La Meditteranea often called by the residents as 'LaMed' and this is just in Cavite. Going away from the city means saying goodbye (for a while!) to the busy and noisy streets of Makati. Here are some of my fun and funny experiences:

1. I got lost because the houses look the same

I first arrived in LaMed via trike from SM Dasmarinas and someone else is instructing the driver on how we'll gonna arrive on the exact house that we'll be living. Perhaps, when you are new in that village, everything seems to look the same. Well, it was Mediteranea theme so it's kinda expected that they follow certain rules and design for the houses. It took me so much courage on my second day to finally go out and check the place just so I can easily remember when I walk outside to go to SM.

2. Our neighbor has been featured in a television show and I was so excited when I saw their house in tv
It's surprising that while watching a TV show about minimalist stuff, our neighbor's house has suddenly been featured in the show and I was too excited that I called the attention of my parents just to tell them that it was my neighbor's house.

3. It feels empty that it seems like a ghost town all the time and there's plenty of stray cats
The village wasn't as big as the normal villages in the city. Maybe it only has around 20 streets with only 10-15 houses per street. Nevertheless, I don't think the population of this village would reach a thousand or two. You can't even spot the houses in google maps. Whenever we walk around, there's plenty of stray cats. It's something that doesn't surprise me at all. There is plenty of space for them to roam around and stay.

4. It's near SM and Robinsons
Probably the only thing that I like here is that it is near SM and Robinsons Dasmarinas. If you ride a trike from your house, it would take only 5 mins and would take about 10-15 mins from our house to SM and Robinsons.

5. I feel so foreign

I am living with 14 Koreans and 2 Filipinas. Whenever I walk around the village, more or less, you'll pass by a group of Koreans, Indians or other foreigners speaking in their native tongue making it sound so foreign to me.

6. There's nothing to do
 As I am accustomed to city life, living in a quiet village feels so nice at first but eventually became too hard for me. The signal is too bad that my internet doesn't connect properly. There's a clubhouse with no activities and rooms a playground for kids and a small basketball court. You can walk on all the streets in just 30-50 mins.

7. Overpriced items in sari-sari stores
Since living in a village means you are somehow 'far' from the regular stores, prices here are extremely high. Candies at 2 pesos each, chips with an increment of about 5-10 pesos and soda with prices 3-10 pesos higher depending on the size. Can't really blame the extreme price since the place is remote.

8. Poor signal
 As I've mentioned earlier, the signal here is poor. There are dead spots and the house we are staying at is one of them. We're still pretty lucky since there are still areas like our 2nd floor that has a signal.

9. Accessible to buses going to different places
Bus and UV terminal is just in front There's also a nearby hospital and market which makes the area accessible for those without cars. Jasper Jean bus terminal is just next to LaMed. There's a terminal for jeepneys and UV express in SM for those who would like to go to Tagaytay or nearby cities. However, from the village itself, I have to admit that car is still the most accesible one to use.

10.  Friendly neighborhood

Having a little population in a village meant there are more chances of meeting your neighbors and I'm glad I've got to meet some people around during my stay. I enjoyed hearing their stories and recommendation on where I should travel while I'm in Cavite. I had so much fun talking with them and how friendly they are to talk about plenty of things about themselves.

Did you ever have the chance to stay in a place for a short time? What are your thoughts on this article?