Mountain Lake Resort in Cavinti Laguna

Only two hours away from Manila is a paradise in the South! Mountain Lake Resort is a private resort open to make the most out of your staycation! It is perfect for team buildings, family outing, squad travel or solo backpacking!


They have four kinds of accommodations that you'll be interested in. All suits a different style of guests and I'm pretty sure that you'll find a perfect one for yourself!


I had the chance to try the boathouse where my room literally floats in water. It is well air-conditioned, has TV & DVD, Open-air shower, mini refrigerator and private balcony overlooking the lake. The best part is that the rooms are located in the fishing village so you can literally catch fishes in the balcony!

Twin sharing is at 4,200 pesos ($80) and an extra bed at 850 pesos ($16). 

Amihan Cottages

They also have Amihan Cottages - it's non-air conditioned, has a TV & DVD, Common shower and has a larger space for big groups. The common shower has a hot and cold shower that makes it very comfy for the guests! The rooms could cater 4-10 pax conveniently!

Amihan small (4-6 pax) - 3,750 pesos ($72)
Amihan big (8-10 pax) - 5,300 pesos ($100)
Amihan VIP (4-5 pax) - 5,300 pesos ($100)
Extra bed - 600 pesos ($12)

Glamping Tent

They have a spacious special camping tent with a sleeping mattress, linens, fan, and a common shower. The set up is super comfortable since it has a sala set and the sleeping area is separated from it. It can comfortably cater to 2-4 people since they have two kinds of tent choices.

Twin sharing tent (2 pax) - 2,200 pesos 
Quad sharing tent (3-4 pax) - 3,100 pesos
Extra bed - 400 pesos

Hotel Room

Hotel Rooms are for those who still prefer the high-end type of accommodation. All their hotel rooms are well-conditioned, cabled TV, Hot and Cold shower, mini refrigerator and common area for chilling.

Standard Room (twin sharing) - 2,900 pesos
Deluxe Room (Twin Sharing) - 3,200 pesos
Superior Room (twin sharing) - 3,800 pesos
Family Room (Quad Sharing) - 4,900 pesos
Extra Bed - 800 pesos


This huge golf course is open for members and non-members! You may check the rates on their website: Mountain Lake Resort. Since my friend Tim of Adventures of SkywalkTim is being so adventurous, he got these drone shots for us! Our team even formed a cute human star in the middle of the golf course!

We had a semi-crash course on how to play golf from one of the players present in the area when we visited! Ms. Girlie (I hope I spelled it correctly) used to play golf for four years now and has been competing and training in Mountain Lake Resort Caliraya Springs Golf Course. This is the only golf course with a mountain view and lake as a part of the course, you can only have it in Arnold Palmer Golf Course.

The slide and Drop is one of the obstacle course activities that you will enjoy especially if you plan to have team buildings since it will test your camaraderie, speed, and locomotor movements. The obstacle course includes the slide and drop, wall climb and slide, tire challenge, cable balance, karate kid, Tarzan swing, military crawl, log crossing, horseback riding, and Palo sebo.

The zip line that will require you to walk at the hanging bridge after are at 150 pesos per ride. You are required to walk on the hanging bridge for you to be able to come back on to the veranda.

This fun bubble soccer would really hype your adrenaline and drain your energy at the same time. Our jolly friends started to enjoy bubble soccer more than I expected they would. They've been running around the field for quite a long time and literally tumbling around from time to time. (250 pesos per pair)

They also have fishing activities rate at 250 pesos per head. If you wish to borrow materials and buy bait, they rent and sell it separately at (fishing rod - 300 pesos) and (fishing bait - 75 pesos). Since we are staying at the boathouse, we literally had fishing in our own rooms!

Other lake activities include Swan boat (350 pesos) per hour and kayak with (350 pesos) per hour as well. All these activities are supervised by trained staff all the time for everyone's safety. Banana Boat is at (1,500 pesos) for 15 mins and (2,500 pesos) for 30 mins with a maximum of 5 people.

The swimming pool is so nice and is overlooking the lake. This is already included once you avail any type of accommodation. You might also want to try Jetski at (2,500 pesos) for 30 mins.

Look at how pretty their deck view is! It seems like a hundred islands, all just in front of us! This private venue would surely make you closer to nature!

The lake cruise (250 pesos per head) with a minimum of 12 pax would tour you around the vicinity for 30 mins. You'll enjoy how virgin the place is and how refreshing it is even when we decided to cruise at a very hot hour.

The 30 min cruise ride is so worth it because there's plenty of nice things to see including these islands surrounding the Caliraya Lake. You'll also get to see other resorts around the area. They also have Boston Whaler Speed Boat (5,00 pesos for 5 hours) and (8,000 pesos for 8 hours).

If you feel a little more adventurous, you can go biking at (250 pesos) for single bike and (350 pesos) for the duo. They also have an astrocamp wherein their telescope is the third largest in the Philippines! (Photos from Footlocker Wonderer)

If you plan to have an intimate night with your team, then they have a bonfire at 800 pesos per pit! You might also want to try guided trekking (200 per head) with a minimum of 4 pax.

If you wanna get closer to the ducks, you may try feeding them for only (50 pesos) per cup of feeds. You can always find them crossing the team building areas or walking towards the lake front.

How about a special massage (600 pesos/hour), Sauna at (3oo pesos),
 driving range (200 pesos) or Jacuzzi? 


I'm pretty sure you'll gonna get tired after all the activities so the La Cucina De Caliraya excites your palate from their homegrown creme dory and even down to their Korean cuisine!


Mountain Lake Resort Caliraya Springs
Brgy. Eat Talaongan, Cavinti, Laguna

Manila office:
35th Floor, Atlanta Centre, No. 31 Annapolis St.,
Greenhills, San Juan City, Metro Manila

Contact Details:
(02) 257 2244
Globe: 09178360717 / 09952197807
Smart: 09296908115 / 09989893832

Facebook: Mountain Lake Resort
Instagram: @mountainlakeresort


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