Zoocobia Clark: Animal encounter and adrenaline rush in one place

Visiting Clark in Pampanga soon? Have you ever tried visiting a zoo that would let you have a first-hand encounter of animals, you can hold them and even feed them!!! Aside from that. this gravity car will surely trigger extreme adrenaline rush! Let me share our experience in Zoocobia Fun Zoo!

Ella's Experience
Zoocobia Fun Zoo is a kiddie zoo but can also be enjoyed by kids at heart. It is perfect for students going up north for some field trip and first-hand experience of birds feeding, working in a barn and riding a camel! They also cater to group events at a discounted rate.

Rates for individual activities: 
Animal Chow : P100 per set
Animal Chow : P100 per set 
Zooc Ride : P99 per person 
Zing Ride : P50 per ride 
Horse Ride : P50 per ride 
Giant Slide : P20 per slide 
Zip Ride : P200 per person
 Clarkzilla 4x4 ride: P250 per person 
Camel Ride : P200
Mountain Bike Ride: P100 per person for 15 mins 
ATV Ride : P50 per person 
Set Meal: P145

There's plenty of cute displays which would make you think that they are actually alive when you first see them. These particular animal displays can be spotted in their restaurant area.

Upon entry, you'll be able to see the birdhouse 'bird thrill' where you can feed plenty of birds at the same time. Have you tried birds feeding before? If not, then this is the perfect time for you to do it! Birds here are actually very playful and they'll literally surround you once you have the feeds!

Zoocobia being run by the Zoomanity group envisions to showcase various exotic and farm animals in their natural habitat yet enabling the guests to have an animal encounter experience not found elsewhere in the Philippines and in the world. We found ducks on their man-made lake dedicated only for them. You can also spot ostrich and camels!

Can you see how fascinated that kid is when the snake started to crawl up higher than her? They have managed to put up huge space to showcase different types of reptiles and gigantic monkey aviary where you could enjoy spotting them while they climb themselves up!

They have a mid-sized maze where you are challenged to find your way out before reaching the bunny world! I don't usually see bunnies in an open since they hop a lot but they still made their space enclosed yet not covered so the rabbits would still feel that they are one with nature.

The zooc ride, popularly known as gravity car is a mechanical car that allows you to drop from the highest peak to the finish line using the small cute cars. There are two reasons for you to do this:
1. It's super fun and even kids can surely do this!
2. You'll be closer to the exit since the next location is just beside the finish line!

Kids would love playing at this very high slide! (This is actually just beside the camel riding and horse riding area!)

They also have a 'pet me home / plant me home' area where you can purchase items that you can bring home with you to pet or plant. I also commend the hanging recycled pet bottles that they converted into plant holders.

Here are some of the spots where you can enjoy hanging out when you feel quite a little tired of roaming around the zoo.

This is also one of the areas that I noticed. The zoocology is a mini space that allows you to sight some of the bone structures of different animals and has short descriptions of what they are and where they're from.

This space is for the Zing ride! 

And yes, as what I've said earlier, there's a camel ride so you can enjoy a quick camel ride before proceeding to other areas!


Zoocobia, Clark Freeport Zone
Calumpang, Mabalacat City Pampanga

Operating Hours:
8:00 am - 5pm ; Open daily from Monday-Sunday

Contact Details:
(045) 599-3956 ; (02) 847-0413

P295/ adult
P295 / child 3ft-4ft
Free of Charge 3 ft below

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