Confessions of a 2nd gen Kpop fangirl (Part 1)

Scrolling down on my Facebook feed, I passed by a certain post that clearly states the thoughts of how the 2nd generation fans enjoyed a peaceful yet extremely different Kpop community that's as welcoming as a family.  During the golden days, we are the ninja squad and we care about one another. 

Growing up as a Kdrama and Kpop fan, I sincerely appreciate how the growth of Hallyu conquered the world but it saddens me that bandwagon fans started to become cancer to the community we've been protecting.

This is the first time that I'll be sharing my confessions online because I miss the days that I spent going out with my friends and doing these things together and I am not happy about the current state of Kpop fans wherein you can already feel hierarchy between them despite the fact that we are all just FANS. Also, I'd like to post this so that one day, whenever I feel the need to reminisce on the good all days, I'll just open this one and read through.

**Warning: This is an extremely long post overflowing with feels and some terms are only used by Kpop fans so read at your own risk.

Confession #1. I collect everything
In the era wherein Kpop and Korean merchandises were too rare. We literally collect and keep everything even the ID laces or ballers. I remember doing a pre-order for a glow in the dark baller of SS501, Bigbang, SNSD and up to this day, it never arrived. For instance, if we cannot buy our faves' newly released shirt design or pins, then you gotta expect us to have it printed in a nearby shop just so we can also have at least a copy of our own.

Confession #2 I printed plenty of photocards
I printed photos and posters, posted on the wall and waited for the day that they'll be visiting PH (some of them are official posters from their albums!!!) Some of these printed photos were distributed during fan gatherings or whenever we do booth events in a convention.

Confession #3. I bought items just to get free passes or a CHANCE in a raffle
'Benchsetter Funmeet' means shopping and fangirling at the same time. Why? It means you need to buy items from Bench and get that chance to meet your idol up close. I am lucky enough to purchase and score a good spot during Lee Minho's event and I attended his events every time he visits the Philippines. Who else had that one year supply of so in love perfume?

Confession #4. #TeamAirport
You haven't experienced the whole thing of being a fan if you haven't tried being a part of the #TeamAirport. These people are usually the ones that aren't attending the concert and tries their luck if they could at least get a few seconds to see their idols. The first photo was during BTS' arrival in Manila and the second one was when Sandara Park went back to Korea and we were only four fans at the airport and we had the chance to talk with her for a few minutes.

Confession #5. Unplanned events are the best events ever
Being a hardcore fan of M.pire, a rookie and underrated group, I asked my friends if we could see them on their fan signing activity in SM Manila but we are lucky enough since the driver told us the venue where they'll be eating and since it was a rainy afternoon, only our team were able to come to the secret venue. Thus, I could simply say that this is one of my luckiest fangirl experience ever because some of the members still remember me!

Confession #6. We cry about disbandments and dating issues
If you are a 2nd gen Kpop fan, it's impossible that you don't know 2ne1. They made it on my playlist whenever I do my homework so it's a real heartbreak when the group decided to have 2ne1 disband. Aside from 2ne1, there are plenty of rookie and underrated groups that disbanded during my golden era of Kpop and each time that they announce hiatus or disbandment, the fans feel really sad about it. With such issues, we comfort one another and usually spend the night wide awake just to talk about the same topic all over for so many times until we just fall asleep.

Confession #7. #TeamLabas to #TeamConcert

From #TeamLabas to #TeamConcert, my team will always make it in the right place at the right time! The most unforgettable #BestOfBest Kpop Concert in Manila finally made us watch Red velvet (having Yeri's first performance), BTOB, SNSD (Girls Generation) and Super Junior on stage! Aside from the concert itself, the most memorable part is that we don't know how to go home because Philippine arena is too far, it's already 1AM and there's no accessible transportation for commuting.

Confession #8. Fanclub admins take all the stress
What's fangirling without being a part of a fan club? Before all the glamorous access of being fan club admin, some do not appreciate the amount of effort, time and money that fan club admins spend during gatherings especially during occasions like an idol's event in Manila or a birthday celebration and a comeback! This is one of our events for NOM Philippines.

Confession #9.  Online Famewhoring
When Boys Republic visited the Philippines, I did 2 funny things and the first one is to literally famewhore online because a VIP access requires 300 FB likes for a shared post and we know how hard it is back then to get likes for a shared post. Of course, since my friends are supportive enough I got the access and so as my friend! I won an access from Kpub!

Confession #10. Attending all their mall tours
The adventure didn't end there. Even though we technically won the access for the event, it was on their last stop that we had the chance to meet them personally because our contact person is always missing in action. We attended all their mall tours and finally had the chance to see them up-close and even take a photo with them!

Part 2 will be posted soon!

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