Bataan: Crown Royale Hotel

Looking for a hotel to stay in Balanga, Bataan? Guess what, Crown Royale Hotel is situated in one of the most accessible streets of Capitol Drive where most restaurants and government offices are just a few blocks away. We stayed at this hotel for 3 days and 2 nights and let me share you my review:


We were given the Twin De Luxe room good for sharing. The room is actually spacious from the door to the bed itself. If you are bringing your kids with you, they have enough space to run around while you work or rest. Their sockets are located in the middle of two beds and that's the only issue I have since it has only 2 outlets and I have my phones and laptop with me and same goes with my friend. The television has a cable so you have something to watch 24 hours.

The comfort room is spacious as well. It looks like the normal bathroom you see at home having enough space for the toilet and the wash area and a division for the shower. It's nice that they have a hot and cold shower so it didn't give me chills at all.


The concierge got friendly staffs so we never had any hassle during our check-in. I forgot to bring my ID so they only asked for the ID of my roommate. The only thing that lacks in this hotel is the swimming pool. When we asked them if they have a pool, they told us that they have a partner resort nearby, the La Vista Resort where we have a discount for day tours.  

All over the hotel, there are plenty of spots where you can chill if you want to go out of your room. The hotel simply gives a feeling of an old house that gives you the same feeling whenever you visit your grandma's old house. It really looks like the interiors of the living room you used to have at home. The first photo is located near the stairs of the 2nd floor where our room is located while the first one is at the lobby.

At the 2nd floor, they also have the KTV rooms for those who are planning to sing the night out! On our first night, we never really had an issue regarding the sound since there's a soundproof door that would shut all the sound when the door is closed. However, on our second night, we had trouble sleeping when the room that they occupied was just beside our room. The KTV closes around 10PM so there's nothing to worry. 

Room Rates per night (as of April 2019) 

*First Price: Promo Rate / 2nd Price: Regular Rate 
(Dollar rates are all approximations only based on the current conversions)

Majestic Suite (Presidential Suite)
8,750 pesos/ 11,000 pesos ($168 / $212)

Majestic Studio (Presidential Studio)
7,250 pesos/ 9,500 pesos ($140 / $183)

Royale Suite (Executive Suite)
4,250 pesos/ 6,500 pesos ($82 / $125)

Crown Studio (Junior Suite)
3,550 pesos/ 5,500 pesos ($68 / $106)

Twin De Luxe - New wing (two Single Beds) 
2,950 pesos/ 4,500 pesos ($57 / $87)

De Luxe Room - New wing (One Queen Bed) 
2,950 pesos/ 4,500 pesos ($57 / $87)

Twin De Luxe (Two Single Beds)
2,750 pesos/ 4,000 pesos ($53 / $77)

De Luxe (One Queen Bed)
2,750 pesos/ 4,000 pesos ($53 / $77)

Standard Room (One Double Size Bed) 
2,250 pesos/ 3,000 pesos ($43 / $58)

Set breakfast at the silver room restaurant
Free wifi access for one gadget
50% off on day admission at La Vista Inland Resort
10% off at Body and senses gym and spa
10% off ystilo salon (only for major services)
30 mins. free extension at the KTV room (min 2 hours)
2 complimentary bottled water/ night

Check-in time - 2PM / Check-out time is at 12 NN
Cut-off time for the guaranteed room is 5PM

Extra person with bed and breakfast: 650 pesos
Extra person with breakfast: 450 pesos

As a part of Crown Royale Hotel's operating procedure, they request full payment upon check-in and additional P1500 pesos cash for incidental deposit per room that will be refundable upon check out if not cot consumed.

Silver Room Restaurant

The silver room restaurant is located in the lobby of the hotel. It's spacious enough to cater to groups of people planning to eat together at the same time. 

Here's the menu! The breakfast is already included for the checked-in guests but if you just came here to eat, they have Filipino food favorites and short orders.

For our breakfast, we had tried some of the Filipino favorites including Tapsilog, bangsilog, omelette and arroz ala cubana. All their breakfasts include fruits and you have the option to go for coffee for your drinks. If you are not up for the rice, you may want to have bread as a replacement.


Contact Numbers
(047) 237-1961 / 237-1962
0917-862-6493 / 0998-862-3255


email address: rooms


Capitol Drive - Balanga, Bataan

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