Why you must visit the Greenfield Weekend Market?

What exactly comes into your mind when you hear 'weekend market?' Well, Greenfield District just made Saturdays more fun, engaging, interactive and gastronomic as they offer numerous fun activities and diverse food choices for you! 

What made our Greenfield Weekend Market in Mandaluyong more memorable? Read through:

What is Greenfield Weekend Market?

With the boom of food parks, restaurants and bazaars, the Greenfield Weekend Market started its journey towards creating all Saturdays of Filipinos a very fun and memorable one by providing great music, guest performers, sumptuous food and drinks, arts and activities that even kids would enjoy!


Located at the Greenfield open park, the weekend market is open to all passersby and those who are looking for a place to eat, those who have an eye for arts, music, and people who are looking for a place to spend their weekend nights in a very chill vibe.

The Greenfield Weekend Market also offers different activities weekly. When we visited they were having an online social media event wherein you get a free item after posting a photo of the event on social media. Aside from that, there's a free photo print activity for the weekend market goers. You are seeing it right! The #GreenfieldDistrict is offering free wifi so you can connect with the world!

It's so nice to see that kids are still enjoying different outdoor activities which are beyond the usual online gaming that they do at home. This is why I appreciate going to weekend markets like this because it's not just a family time for the park goers, it encourages kids to still participate and do active play.


For those who've got bookworm hearts and fans of reading, the Bookmates Zone sells numerous books at the park. Also, if you are into arts or you just want a cute memory from your weekend market visit, Mandaluyong artists, Eric David, Handmade Lemonade Handprinted Pet Portraits,

Zero waste life

As we all strive to maintain a lifestyle that's eco-friendly and zero waste, Ecolohika, a brand that promotes a sustainable lifestyle and providing nature's goodness with their products was also present at the Greenfield's weekend market.


We've roamed around and seen plenty of food choices around the area. One of the most memorable ones is this stall that sells various seafood that Filipinos and even foreigners would love to try. In Manila, we seldom see weekend markets that cater to these dishes since it's a rare gem in the metro but it's available every Saturday here!

My friend and I tried Carnivore cookery's smoked beef which is at 170 pesos only containing a generous serving of meat and rice. The sauce also fits the smokey flavor of the meat. I just find some parts too salty but overall, I think it was just because of the salt rub of it has been concentrated on the part that was given to me since not all of it is salty.

The Chicago Deep Dish Pizza is also available at the Weekend Market. This is famed for their pizza, pasta, and combinations of it! Have you tried one before?

I'm eventually surprised to find Ramen and other popular street food at this weekend market. Of course, it's not usual to see sizzling plates with this kind of ambiance as well!

We also found this authentic So Mot Vietnamese Food selling some of our favorite Vietnamese cuisines including Bahn Mi, Vietnamese Spring Roll, and Bánh Cuốn.

Sebastiao which offers mix of premium cocktails made me go for two rounds of drinks including the watermelon sake and the mojito. My friends usually know me the margarita or mojito type of girl but I also liked the taste of the watermelon sake. If you are new to this kind of flavors, I highly suggest that you go for that one. Beside them is the Teppanyaki PH that sells Japanese dishes at an affordable price.

Dalawang Milkmen is a greek yogurt created by two foreigners who brought the recipe to Manila and is now ready to make Filipinos try their famous yogurts! Another favorite find is the Lemonchino because I am always happy to have lemon yakult drink!

For chicken and wing lovers like me, you must try Wing Lover, a chicken stall that sells chicken wings partnered with rice and nachos. At an affordable price, you can have it in different flavors including the special ones like parmesan and salted egg.

Of course, as a fan of everything related to Korean, I was surprised to see our oppas, carrying their nametags representing the names of the items that K-fry is offering. They have chicken pops that has a sweet chili flavor, soy garlic chicken and all-time favorite chapche.

For your desserts, how about some gourmet flavors for your ice cream? There are plenty of drinks and desserts to cap off your Weekend Market gastronomic party so it's impossible that you would leave this place without getting full!

Have you been to a weekend market before? If not, then this weekend is the best time to do it!