Korean Bunsik Cartimar's Tteokbokki

I often visit Cartimar since it is just a few minutes away from my place. In fact, this is also where I normally purchase Korean products in a nearby mart. I once passed by this stall called Korean Bunsik in their food court and here's a short review:

What is Korean Bunsik?

Korean 'Bunsik' means 'low-cost' or inexpensive Korean snacks where you can buy at a Korean Bunsikjeom. This means that the snacks you can purchase in this stall are actually affordable and are the most common ones that Koreans usually eat as snacks. 'Bunsik' is a term coined from 'food made from flour,' expect to see more noodle dishes/snacks here.


Korean Bunsik is located inside the Cartimar Food Court. They claim to be 'Korean Favorite Food All Time' which is grammatically wrong in English but makes sense in Korean (한국 사람들이 항상 좋아하는 음식). There were only a few snacks available on their menu, just enough to satisfy your Korean food cravings. 


You just need to place your order on the counter. They have ramyeon, japche, jjampong, donkatsu, jjajang rice, bibimbap, samgyupsal, kimchi fried rice, beef bulgogi and jeyuk bokkeum (spicy pork). There isn't much to try on their menu but at least they have the basics of a bunsik. You can notice that the

Tteokbokki is at 75 pesos only but the serving size is full and this normally costs around 120-150 pesos in other food stalls. The sauce is a bit on the watery side than the usual thickness of Tteokbokki sauce but the taste and spiciness you look for in a Korean food are there. The ingredients weren't even substandard at all. 

It may not seems super presentable since they just pour the serving on a plate but for someone who really wants to try a good tteokbokki, their version of it is a must-try. It contains little veggie cuts too and is topped with sesame seeds.

Ella's Recommendation

I haven't tried their other snacks yet so I might as well try it first before giving more recommendations. Nevertheless, if you are visiting Cartimar, then give this stall a try.


Cartimar Food Court
Cartimar Ave, Pasay, Metro Manila