Marres Kitchen Review: a restaurant that won't let you leave without being bellyful (Pilar, Bataan)

If people are to ask which restaurant reminds me of Bataan the most, it's gotta be Marres Kitchen

The restaurant may look like a typical restaurant from the outside but they have a generous amount of servings and unforgettable dishes that they thought out of the box to create Filipino food to fit the taste of everyone.


At first glance, I initially thought that it's a simple house from the outside until we entered the restaurant and started to order. This is located along one of the major highways in Pilar, Bataan so there's nothing to worry in terms of accessibility.

Inside, there's plenty of tables and chairs that could comfortably fit 40 people at the same time. At the counter area, they placed a list of Marres Kitchen specialties and other available items on their menu making it easier for guest (especially their first-time diners) to decide which dish to try.


We were asked what type of Lumpia we would like to eat, our team decided to have a piece per head. To my surprise, we were given an extremely huge (plate sized) lumpia. The lumpia is good for 3-4 people already so this is obviously beyond our expectations. I ordered fresh lumpia and I really like it. The vegetables were fresh, the sauce is not so nutty and not so garlicky but it still contains that flavor and kick that I'm looking for in a fresh lumpia.

Their creamy Pork Tofu is a hybrid combination of sisig and tokwa't baboy. It's my first to try it so I am confused which stands out more. When they gave us the name, it finally clarified that it is not either of the two and that it's their own original dish. I love that it has a significant spiciness to it to balance the creaminess but the taste is still smooth and not overkill.

Marres Kitchen's take on the Crispy Pork Binagoongan tastes like the famous lechon kawali with the bagoong sauce. Since one of our blogger friends don't really eat bagoong, she took some of the fried meat that not soaked yet on the bagoong. If you are up for this dish, it is highly suggested that you tell the staffs ahead that you only want a little bagoong or not at all. Tastewise, I can say that the only thing lacking here is the vegetables and kare-kare soup and it's a perfect Kare-kare dish already.

A new flavor that I tried here is the sinigang na Salmon with seafood, the sinigang has a yellow soup and not as sour as the normal sinigang na bangus. They used salmon with some mussel and shrimp and cuts of vegetables. This is perfect for health-conscious and those trying to avoid meat. 

Another favorite is this Sinigang na Bulalo, a crossbreed dish of sinigang and bulalo. They made use of leaks for the soup but it still has the most distinct sinigang character which is the sourness. The serving is huge but since it's bulalo expect that there would be huge cuts of bones so it could fit 2-3 people for sharing.

If someone would ask me where to find the largest serving of Leche Flan yet, it would be Marres Kitchen. We can't believe that their leche flan is bigger than the usual oval sized container or the rectangular sized Tupperware. It's almost the size of an iPad and they managed to maintain its quality despite the size. It's creamy, soft and not too sweet. The size might be overwhelming but the taste isn't.

For the desserts, the Homemade Halo Halo got its simple design but the flavors are still bursting after you mix it up! Marres Kitchen might look like a typical restaurant from the outside but their dishes are all surprisingly good!

Ella's Recommendation

1. Marres Kitchen is along the road that you need to go through if you are visiting Mt. Samat. If you are planning to visit there soon, you might want to dine here too! This is also five minutes away from the Museo ng Kagitingan so there's plenty of attractions that you can check if you are visiting.

2. Must try dishes include: Fresh Lumpia, Sinigang na Bulalo and Creamy Pork Tofu.


Gov. J.J. Linao National Road, Pilar, Bataan

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