Stregato Gelateria Cafe is your next favorite dessert house in Balanga, Bataan

The scorching heat of summer is killing the party vibe so I am giving myself more reasons to have that good scoop of ice cream and a few slices of cake to keep the party going! Stregato Gelateria initially reminded me of Vanilla Cupcake in BGC but who would think this chic resto exists in Balanga, Bataan?


If you are a fan of glitz, glam and fancy stuff, then this place is just perfect for you. From the wall decors, the colors and the chairs, even the interiors and exteriors of the place made it a perfect place for a princess who loves sweets! If this exists in Manila, I'll eventually invite my friends from the Kpop community to do gatherings here always!

And since it is a dessert shop, it's the best place to bring kids for a fun lunch or snack time! They have this cute huge bear and swings inside and outside the vicinity making it perfect even for a family bonding or barkada catch up time.

When I entered the place, it was bigger than I expected because of the exteriors would give you a feeling like it's just a normal medium-sized restaurant. Every area actually gives a different feel and the ambiance itself is different from one table to another. There are these cute hanging wall decors all over the place and let's not forget the special door that might bring us to somewhere else?

Don't forget to take a photo at this very cute fall inspired area where our team spent most of our time literally just taking pictures because it's so cute and doesn't seem like it's very hot outside.


To take you on to the highlights of this restaurant, they have their famous ice creams, cakes, and cookies. But then, even though they are famed for their desserts, they also have salads, soups, sandwiches, pasta, and rice meals! I personally love their ice creams and I'll visit here once again to try the cakes!

If you are up for the ice cream like me, a single scoop is already enough. It's only at 80 pesos and flavors are very rich and creamy so you won't regret buying a scoop or two. My friends ordered pistachio that has a solid nutty taste and I ordered cheesecake which literally could be a filling for cheese bread for it has a sticky texture and that strong 'cheesy' taste.


Saint Joseph Street
Balanga, BataanOpening hours: 12nn - 9pm


  1. Sana talaga magkaroon sila ng branch here in Manila! I definitely had fun here! Na-enjoy ko rin yung Pistachio nila. Sarap 😋

  2. I love ice cream!!!! I think I will like that Honey Almond and Ferrero flavor! hahaha

  3. Ang galing may mga ganito na sa Bataan 😍

  4. Hala! Ang dami nang nagbago sa interior design nila. I went there last year and tried their eight-hour roasted beef. Di ko man lang natikman yung gelato nila kasi super bagal ko kumain. HAHAHA!

  5. The place really reminds me of Vanilla Cupcake in BGC, pero this one has more dimensions of art and taste. Ang galing ng concept and very inviting for a casual meet-up or hanging out.