Seven things to try in Marinduque

If there's a 'Lenten' capital in the Philippines, it's gotta be its famous heart, the beautiful island of Marinduque. I am giving you seven reason why this place should be a part of your bucket list:

1. Door to Door Service and Roro (Ferry Ride)

Most people do not know that there is an available door to door shuttle that would take you from your house in Manila going to your desired destination in Marinduque. You can contact the operator and they'll schedule you for your desired trip. The door to door service also includes the Roro (a ferry ride from Batangas port to Balanacan port).

2. Kusina sa Plaza's Kare-Kare (not your usual Kare-kare)
Boac's Kusina sa Plaza is the most famous restaurant in Marinduque to tourists. In fact, even their locals enjoy their homemade dishes in a not so pricey cost per order. Also, they've been famed for their bopis style 'kare-kare' that has been one of the reasons why tourists keep on coming back for more. Their restaurant is strategically located in the town proper and the building itself has been preserved.

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3. Pasalubong shops and the famous Uraro (Arrowroot)

Marinduque is home to various Filipino delicacies including the most famous one, the arrowroot (Uraro) cookies. For an instance, when we visited the Boac Hotel, the one with the most supplies for this cookies, they've been sold out for a few days so we ended up searching throughout Boac and Mogpog just to avail one!

4. Tubong, a welcoming ritual for tourists

The Tubong and putong ceremonial events of Marinduque is one of the most surprising activities when I visited here. It is a welcoming ritual for tourists and it is offered for first timers in this island. It is a series of activities from dance performances of Tubong groups, the letting go of butterflies and the wearing of their handmade native crown.

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5. Ulong bay in Mogpog

Even though the most famous beach in Marinduque is the Maniwaya, since we just stayed in Mogpog, we also tried to check the Ulong bay and the waters didn't disappoint me. It's clean, it's refreshing and during our visit, four sandbars appeared during the sunset. Additionally, there's no fees when you visit.

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6. Boac Cathedral
Also known as the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception, the Boac Cathedral which is a century old church is home to spiritual refuge of Marinduque in the last few decades. Made out of stones, the church itself survived the test of time and has been a sanctuary to its people in times of calamities. This is also where they conduct the Moriones Festival and you will be surprised to see all the colorful costumes of the Morions from various towns of Marinduque!

7. See the Moriones Festival
What's travel in Marinduque without seeing the Moriones? I am lucky enough to visit this province during the holy week and despite the heat, I don't have the right to complain because those participating in the parade are in thick costumes and they are continuing the rich history and culture of Marinduque by supporting their local yearly tradition of the 'Moriones Festival. Originally, this started in the town of Mogpog but it has evolved and is now practiced throughout the towns of this island.

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