Where to learn Korean? Your language journey starts at 700 pesos ($13.5) only!

Get your pens and feels ready because you can actually learn the Korean language and culture for only 700 pesos per semester! Let me share you some of my experiences with Jemi Hangeul Gyoshil also known as Learn Korean PH, a growing community that aims to teach Korean culture and language enthusiasts in the Philippines.

What is Jemi Hangeul Gyoshil?

Jemi which is also pronounced as 'chaemi' means fun or interesting, 'Hangeul' is Korean language and 'Gyoshil' means classroom. Thus, having all of them together means 'Fun Korean Language Classroom' where you can learn and interact with your teachers and friends.

A little background on how I started with Jemi Hangeul Gyoshil:

I first knew about them through a friend who was a part of their students. I decided to enroll in their previous Advanced 2 classes since I wanted to enhance my speaking skills. Back then, we were only four in my class and I had a hard time studying since the curriculum is different from where I got used to in a different institution where I was previously enrolled.

Despite that, my 'seonsaengnim' is Korean and she hardly speaks in English which is a good thing since it's Advanced 2 class and I badly want to practice speaking. Aside from our classroom setting, we also had the chance to learn how to cook Korean dishes when she invited us to her house and that's also when I got interested in Korean cooking.

Disclaimer: Don't be afraid if you think that you cannot really understand what your teachers are saying. They have student council members that are actually helping you out

Why Jemi Hangeul Gyoshil?

Class setting

Classes are divided into beginner class, intermediate and advanced classes. These classes are conducted on different schedules. Each season differs in the number of classes depending on the number of students and the availability of teachers. However, for beginner classes, they are highly encouraged to attend the subject class which is a special class for lessons beyond the Korean language. The subject class fee and the book is already included in the 700 pesos fee.

Subject Class

Subject class is focused on Korean contents including Kdrama, Korean food, travel, Kpop and other topics that can be related to Korea! The best part about this class is that students get to learn firsthand. Students can volunteer to cook, dance or sing in front of the class! The subject class differs every season so each student gets a different experience every time. This is a great supplementary class as they incorporate your learning from language classes to the topics in subject class.

Special events

As Jemi Hangeul Gyoshil would like to celebrate Korean culture aside from the language side, they conduct events that encourage inclusiveness of their students and non-students to join in their activities. Recently, they conducted the Korean Culture Fest where participants even had the chance to wear Hanbok and join other activities prepared by the organization!

Outreach Programs

A part of the 700 pesos fees, together with the help of some Korean missionaries funds the outreach program of the church and the organization itself. Jemi Hangeul Gyoshil operates in a church and teachers are actually members of the church as well. The organization usually call for volunteers once in a while to join them in activities such as feeding programs or gift giving. They also have an adopted community in Antipolo which they named Zammary and they visit them once in a while to send goods.

Other Activites

Some of the most memorable events in Jemi Hangeul Gyoshil includes Christmas parties where students prepare performances for the program. Of course, there would be fun games and food time for everyone. Most of the time, students often gather and enjoy fun activities together with other classes!

Of course, what's studying without graduation? Successful passers get certificates during the season-ender and best students are given a certificate of merit for their hard work during their class!

Student Council

A few years back, I had the chance to be a part of the Hangeul Gyoshil student council and I know how much we all strived to make this community grow. I am thankful that I became a part of this team as I get to meet more people who are into Korean contents and culture like me! Shout out to the whole student council! I miss you guys!

Currently, as the Jemi Hangeul Gyoshil grow, the number of student councils eventually increased but the same passion to help spread Korean culture in the Philippines remains the same! Salute to the team for working hard and I highly recommend this organization if you wish to learn Korean.

**Photos from Learn Korean PH

Location: 2nd floor, Bramante Plaza Renaissance Tower, 
Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Center Pasig City.

Know more about their classes and activities on their page:

Learn Korean PH

I listed Learn Korean PH as one of the ways where you can promote Korea in the Philippines through volunteering in my Korea.Net article.


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