Confessions of a 2nd gen Kpop fangirl (Part 2)

Have you seen my first Kpop fangirl confessions? In fact, I only decided to write 10 confessions but I ended up listing 40 so expect four parts for my list of confessions and I hope that if you are starting your journey as a fangirl, you won't follow everything on my list because only ninjas can do that. Kidding!

Warning: Read at your own risk. For non-Kpop fans, it's a sure thing that you might find some of these confessions absurd and overboard but if you are a fangirl, I hope to read some of your confessions too by sharing at the comment section of this post! (Some of these would no longer work now since events got really strict compared to before)

11. Buy tickets from a scalper

You work so hard to buy a ticket from a scalper, you aim to take a good shot from a not so quality phone camera and a single hand just ruined that one shot. OTL

There are two reasons why fans buy from a scalper, either the existing market price of the ticket is too high that there are scalpers who sell at a lower price or the tickets got sold out and they sell it at an extremely high price. Nevertheless, the fact that you buy from a scalper means you are literally taking chances. You don't know if it's a real ticket until you get to enter the concert venue. Do you know how nerve-wracking that is?

12. Fan gifts and Fan letters

Fan gifts are collated gifts from fans given their idol. There are two ways to give your fan gifts, the first one is through an event wherein your idol visits your country and the fan club heads are the ones in charge of gathering them to give it to the idol. The second one is by sending it directly to their agency. There are agencies that accept fan gifts sent by couriers locally and overseas. My friends and I had been through this era wherein we pack gifts on our way to the event venue causing a lot of mess on the cab (we cleaned it after!).

13. Korean restaurant is like a gem in the city

The scarcity on the number of Korean restaurants in the Philippine may come to an end but during the days when Kpop wasn't really a boom yet, even when we live in Metro Manila, spotting at least a decent Korean resto is difficult. In addition to that, the price is too high that you often spend a thousand or two for two people only so think twice when you claim that an unlimited samgyupsal at 500 pesos is very expensive. During the days that we started fangirling, there's no such thing as unlimited.

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14. We attend Phil-Kor because we can meet everyone here

Philippine-Korea Cultural Exchange Festival is like a yearly tradition of meeting our friends (especially those whom we just met online). This event actually encouraged me to volunteer yearly because I mostly meet long-time Kpop and K-culture friends and I am always excited to see whose the guests and what are the booths available at the venue.

15. You don't have a proper fan cam because the crowd is going crazy (but then you learn that there's a wonderful thing called screenshots!)

Yup, blame it on your feels or blame it on your seatmate. Fancams are freaking shaky and chances are, a good shot can be at 1/1000 chance. There are some particular events that I suffered from extreme starstruck that I ended stood up in the middle of nowhere looking at the artists. It happened when I met Boys Republic, Mpire and Laboum. In the end, I only got screenshots from my fancams and it still looks nice because I used SLR back then.

16. We greet our idols on Twitter and getting noticed once will be the best day ever

Birthdays, anniversaries or just a random day? Twitter is the best place to broadcast your shoutouts and thought worldwide. The funniest part is that it is also where most idols reply. In fact, there were instances before that I tweeted some of my favorites and they replied back. Normally, rookies and underrated groups are the ones that often interact with their fans since they are trying to build more relationship with them compared to the mainstream ones.

17. You gotta find real friends online

People often claim that meeting online friends or chatting with strangers wouldn't do good to you but I had numerous friends that I met online and are still my friends now. How did we become friends? Well, thanks to our idols, we became a part of a certain fandom wherein we spazz together and talk about life. To date, I've met lots of great friends from all over the world who used to be just a face behind the chat I never thought existed back then. 

18. Arirang Radio is life

The goal of Arirang radio is to have the fans and the idols engage to one another via their radio program. They have daily programs wherein fans can actually participate and it is not limited to Korean fans. In fact, Arirang radio is in English so it gives a lot of opportunities to international fans. Active participants are also rewarded with albums and merchandises from their previous guests and I got numerous signed albums from my favorite groups!

19. We collect everything -- albums, magazine (even keychains!!!)

Let's talk about the days that Kpop is not yet a trend, having a piece of something especially official merch or maybe even non-official merchandise having the face or just the name of the artist already means a lot to the fans because it is rare that chances are, you need to place an order online and have it shipped to you. Just imagine how much it will cost if you have something pre-ordered, have the shipping to the Philippines, pay taxes and local shipping cost. Being a fan ain't easy!

20. Watermark will save you a thousand times

I've posted thousands of my fancams and shots and some even made it on the headlines but I was never credited for my efforts. Do you know how difficult it is to control your emotions when you are taking photos and your idol is in front of you? There was also an instance wherein I had a selca with an idol and the next day, I saw it on the profile picture of a Facebook friend -- edited -- I got cropped -- and the face of the person owning the account was the one beside the person. That was the start of my watermark era wherein I put soft overlay watermarks or a watermark NEAR the face of the artist! It takes more time but it saves me from annoying people.

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