doTERRA essentials debut in the Philippine market

doTERRA, a worldwide brand known for the effectivity and affordability of its essentials and their recently launched skincare and hygiene products will soon be debuting in the Philippine market and we had the chance to learn about the importance of having these essentials at home for you and your family.

What is doTERRA?

With a mission of sharing therapeutic-grade essential oils with the world, doTERRA conquered the world market in 2008, these high-grade essentials were curated and deeply studied by a group of health-care and business professionals to help the world, one family at a time. The birth of doTERRA originated from the Latin derivative that means 'Gift of the Earth.'

Currently, their team conducts events and seminars for individuals in different countries to learn more about the importance of essential oils and how you can apply them to treat some of the usual health issues that our family members are suffering from.

doTERRA also establishes the standard quality in the industry of oil essentials which the world never had one yet. The team promised to provide the highest quality standards and the purest essentials around the world so that all their customers and families around the globe will be using effective products that support their health and wellness. Currently, the world is using their new standard for therapeutic-quality which is the CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®


When I first heard about the product, I realized that it's actually something that we already have at home. In fact, I first tried it when a friend of mine sent me the Orange essential oil. Essential oils are important and are often known and used for external purposes only but doTerra is the only brand of essential oils that you can actually intake or add into your food. 

doTERRA essential oils are known for treating some of the following:
stress, anxiety, depression
headache and migraine
skin diseases
stomach aches

Aside from essential oils, they are currently expanding on beauty and skin care products that make use of their essential oils as some of its ingredients. In fact, they now have shampoos, conditioners and toothpaste. Some are already available in the market.

doTERRA is expanding in the Philippine market and are currently looking forward to meeting more wellness advocates to help more families achieve a better life with the use of essential oils. Get to know more about their advocacies on their site: doTERRA Philippines.


  1. Great post I'm just starting to learn about the benefits of essential oils - it's great that doterra will be available in the Phillippine market! Thanks for sharing! :)