Esquinita Kitchen and Pub (Balanga, Bataan)

Shots anyone? What's traveling without nightlife? Well, Esquinita Kitchen and Pub is giving you the nightlife and the gastro feast that you've been wanting to have! Good food, great music, and drinks on the rocks, are you ready for this unforgettable night?


Esquinita is one of the happiest places in Balanga, Bataan. This kitchen and pub provide the nightlife that travelers and locals are all wanting to have. During our visit in Bataan, we dedicated a night to try the kind of nightlife that this resto-pub is providing and they delivered so well! It's so hip that you would think you are just inside a bar in Timog, Quezon City or the red district in Makati.

Esquinita is included in our Top 10 restaurants to try near Mt. Samat

I love the fact that they have performers at night. It was a night before a holiday so the resto is packed with adults enjoying the night away. The restaurant looks like a simple restaurant from the outside but wait until you get inside. There's plenty of graffiti art and letterings on their walls. They also have it outside but it's not as noticeable compared to the amount of design inside or probably because we were just so excited to drink.

This is a hangout place for the young ones and I'm glad that we found this little hidden gem just a few streets from the hotel we stayed which is the Crown Royale, about five minutes walk away from there.

Food and Drinks

Gotcha! I know we got you by these colorful shots but aside from its color, these drinks got us by its taste. Yup, there are plenty of shots available here and it all differs in taste, the concentration of alcohol, and visuals. I am usually after the sweet side of cocktails and shots so I enjoyed their mix. Each of their shots bursts out various flavors but has a smooth kick so you won't get wasted easily. 

We are a group of six and we ordered pitchers for sharing. They have local beers but I still recommend that you order for a pitcher if you are in huge groups. We had the 'Basag' which is a little on the sweet side but if you want a little harder one, then 'Gapang' is a must try. This is also the pitcher that most of their guests' order so we also gave it a try. I like 'Gapang' more because it's stronger. It feels nice that our night just ended smoothly after a long day. 

How about conquering these challenges? My friends tried the slammer (that's why there's helmet!!) and the flaming tower. Both challenges come with surprises that I'd like you to experience so let me keep the happenings on us first! One thing is for sure, we recommend that when you visit, you try at least one of their challenges because your nightlife wouldn't be complete without some thrill, right?

This ultimate nachos (188 pesos) is no joke. If you always find your regular nachos lacking with cheese, their take on nachos wouldn't disappoint you. Until the very last piece, we enjoyed the amount of cheese on our plate! 

Additionally, I am amazed that Bataan got varieties of sisig dishes, the traditional ones for pulutan, the one that has a little spicy kick perfect for your drinks is the type of sisig (208 pesos) that you'd wanna order here in Esquinita. 

Another favorite on their menu is this crispy fried isaw (148 pesos). As a fan of Manila Street food, it's nice to see that they have this kind of dish on their menu. This chicken intestine usually comes on the stick but they played a little on the visuals part and served it generously on a plate and had it good for sharing.

Lastly, we had the classic Fried Chicken (238 pesos). I noticed that there were plenty of groups who ordered the same so I believe it's one of their best sellers. I enjoyed it a lot because it's not greasy at all. Overall, every item that we tried here is well-recommended. Even the staffs are nice enough to assist us and the other guests simultaneously. 

Here's a little look on their menu. Good times? Try Esquinita!


Magnolia St, City of Balanga, Bataan (at the back of GAP Plaza Hotel)