Fantastic Chef Taft Review

Fantastic Chef Taft is a franchise of the Fantastic Chef restaurant that I tried in Remedios. Even though it's a franchise, this specific branch has a gem on its own. Since Kimchi Adventures is always adventurous in terms of finding the best Kimchi place in town, we headed on to this branch to try it as well. What's the verdict?

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Fantastic Chef Taft just recently opened their branch in Taft last March and they are welcoming everyone who wishes to try unlimited Korean BBQ for only 499 for unlimited pork and side dishes and just add 50 pesos if you want an upgrade to beef.


The first thing that I noticed here is that they have a different ambiance and design. In fact, even the chairs are more on the large groups than the usual two four dining tables. Thus, I am pretty sure that it is designed for group dining given that the location of the restaurant is within the school areas along a few blocks away from the busy street of Taft Avenue.


Given that Korean food has side dishes, some of the food they serve includes Japche (잡채), Fish cake (오뎅) and macaroni salad. Filipinos might find it weird that Macaroni salad is available in a Korean restaurant but in fact, I've tried in a few times in a Korean household before. They've been adding this kind of side dish to their regular banchans (side dishes) and giving more chances for foreign cuisine on their table.

The steamed egg or the gyeran jjim is (계란찜) is on the side of having more vegetables than the usual gyeran jjim I tried which is a good thing because the traditional steamed egg only contains small portions of veggies which I usually don't find relevant at all. At least, their take on it has a little more character.  

As for the kimchi, it is a little close to the traditional style but I like it better because it still has that spicy kick but a little tone down probably because they are targeting Filipino customers and the majority of Filipinos are having a hard eating spicy food. Getting accustomed to Gwangju's style of Kimchi, I always look forward to having the complete strong flavors of Kimchi which are sweet, spicy, salty, sour and bitter taste. Also, I could say that it is well fermented since the texture of the kimchi is not too crispy.

Overall, I like their side dishes here than the ones in Fantastic Chef Remedios for two reasons:
1. It's closer to the original taste that I am looking forward to and it has stronger flavors.
2. I love the fact that they upscaled the gyeran jjim with more veggies.

The only down side that I could say is that they don't have the sundubu jjigae (Tofu stew) and they changed it with the regular soup that's close to that taste but has no veggies at all. Also, the radish kimchi turned out to be cucumber kimchi.

They have 12 types of meat cuts and marinates and they all differ from one another. This is good because Filipinos are fond of various choices and they should all be good. Some are unseasoned and some are marinated. Plating wise, they give it their best shot to showcase the food the beauty of the food they are serving.

In Korea, they have this thinking that when the food is served beautifully (good presentation), it tastes better so I have to commend them for it. Somehow, since takes time to prepare, you have to wait a little more time before it gets into your table.

Here are their meat choices:

skirt meat rack, jowls meat, cheek, seasoned pork neck, pork belly, thin pork belly, spicy pork bulgogi, seasoned chicken bbq, spicy chicken bbq, beef plate, and seasoned beef plate.

I don't usually care much about the names of the items as long as it looks appealing on me and it smells fresh but for every Korean restaurant that I try especially the ones offer Samgyupsal, it is a must to try the original ones. I prefer the unseasoned ones because that's where you'll know that the meat served is fresh.


A. If cooking Samgyupsal, start first with the unseasoned ones when cooking so that your grill won't get burnt easily. This also allows you to enjoy the actual taste of the meat when and have it dipped on the cheese or have it with ssamjjang (the dipping sauce).

B. Cooking - If you are the person in charge of cooking among your group, wait for the grill to heat up first before putting anything. Cut a small part of meat with the fat and wipe it onto the grill so that it will be oiled before you put all the other meat. This way, you meats won't stick on the grill and can cook evenly.

Thank me later!


Since I like it traditional, I enjoyed having the regular samgyupsal which is unflavored. What makes it special for me is that only unflavored samgyupsal can be eaten toasted and crispy. As for my friends, they still enjoyed the marinated ones. I think most Filipinos would still prefer to have the marinated ones as we are more familiar with our traditional inihaws which are into pre-marinated meats.
Here are my friends enjoying the grill! :) 

Ella's Recommendation

1. If commuting and coming from Taft or Buendia area, Fantastic Chef Taft is easier to visit than the one in Remedios because from LRT Vito Cruz, it's just s street away and if you are riding a jeepney, it's just a minute walk away.

2. For the ambiance, I prefer the style and design of the one in Malate since it has more accents and each area has its own character compared to Fantastic Chef in Taft. 

3. They have attentive staffs which are very helpful in terms of refilling your side dishes and changing the grill. I just noticed that they make use of the same grill type for marinated and unseasoned meats which will be a little more work for their staffs because its gonna cause them occasional changes of the grill compared to the criss-cross type of grill.

Here goes their menu! Fantastic Chef offers special promos once in a while having a few numbers paying guests and getting some gets to eat for free!


2472 Leon Guinto Street, Taft, Pasay City
operating hours 11am-12am


  1. It's been a while since I last tried Samgy. I can eat to my heart's content in places like this but because I am pregnant, I declined friends who tried inviting me for unli samgy. We might not have Fantastic chef here but we have a Korean town near Angeles and it's a flock of samgy restos there.

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  3. Do they entertain SOLO diners? =)