Hodai Unlimited Japanese Fusion Restaurant: Fine dining experience starts at 299 pesos!

Who doesn't like unlimited food here? Here's the latest trend in the food community! Having all your choices of food served in a fine dining table, Hodai Unlimited Japanese Fusion Food tries to give their best to provide the best Japanese Korean food experience starting at 299 pesos only for their opening promo until May 30!

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What is Hodai Japanese Fusion Restaurant?

Hodai which literally means Unlimited in the Japanese language offers unlimited Japanese Fusion food mostly providing a fusion with Korean cuisine as the owners are Koreans and they wish to offer unlimited quality food at an affordable price.


The design initially reminded me of Aozora Japanese restaurant in Tagaytay because the interiors are mostly stone colors, wood, and some elegant wall accents. It is spacious for family dining, groups or even small meetings. Huge groups can have a semi-enclosed area perfect for a little more intimate dining experience.

The place looks like it is originally a house that has been converted as a restaurant. From its layout, it can easily be noticed that the place is fresh, it has only been three weeks since they open the restaurant to the public. 

On their first month, they are having a thank you promo to their customers. Their silver set is at 299 pesos per head having eight unlimited dishes including Teriyaki, Japche, Tempura, Roll Tower, Korean Fried Chicken, Kani Salad, Kimchi Gyoza, Tonkatsu and Spicy Cheese BBQ Bowl. It comes with unlimited soup and rice!

The only difference between the silver and gold platter is that it has the spicy cheese BBQ bowl. This dish includes a marinated meat which I think includes a pinch of dwaenjang flavor and a little close to teriyaki taste. Somehow, it has a sweet and garlic after taste but goes well with the cheese sauce and stir-fried vegetables.

Another favorite is their crispy tonkatsu, Japanese food and Korean food have some common dishes and their take on Tonkatsu is more on the Japanese style. The sauce is close to the regular tonkatsu sauce and is served with some veggies. 

Moving forward, they have this fish teriyaki having fried fish with teriyaki sauce topped with peanuts. Together with is are some blanched veggies with the same sauce. They also have the Rose Seafood Pasta which has a good creamy taste but we barely eat it because it was too spicy. It is something that I think Filipinos couldn't really handle.

For the fried chicken, the flavor is somehow similar to what I had in 24 chicken but it has some crushed peanuts and a little thick breading making it really crispy. Their kimchi gyoza is their own kimchi gyoza recipe. The kimchi is a bit spicy and has ginger after taste but it fits well with the sauce lessening the after taste. The highlight of the dishes is the roll tower obviously showcasing visually pleasing various maki on a three-tier tower.

Here's a closer look on the roll. As a fan of maki, sushi, and kimbap, I love the number of choices among the flavors on this tower. The mango roll, crab roll, California maki are the best ones. Another flavor contains sauces that are not usually served in other restaurants. You'll be surprised by how they played on the sauces of their rolls. They even have blueberry and the dried fish snacks that you usually purchase from a Thai grocery.

Last on the list is their Yakisoba which is actually Japche, I am not sure if they regularly serve Japche or there are days that they serve Yakisoba in some days. The Japche is good but I find it a little sweet and lacks some sesame kick. 

Ella's Recommendation

1. Since the restaurant is just starting, I think there are still some points to improve but overall, the quality of the food is still there. 
2. Their staffs are nice and helpful to the customers. Some items like rice and soup are self-service.
3. The price given on this blog is during the special promo but their regular price is at 499 per head for the silver set and 599 per head for the gold set. 


#14 Examiner, Quezon City, Philippines
Contact: 63 956 460 5848
11:00AM - 3:00PM
5:00PM - 10:00PM