Honolulu HK Cafe review

My familiarity with Robinsons Place Manila started back in elementary when we used to watch movies and have good food afterwards here in this mall. Until I started to study in college nearby and this mall used to be our sanctuary in times of extreme stress. Now, a new restaurant named Honolulu HK cafe just made on my faves here! Honolulu HK Café Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

What is Honolulu HK Cafe?

Honolulu HK Cafe is known to be the oldest tea restaurant that originated in Hong Kong. Currently, they have two branches in the Philippines, the Ermita branch and the SM Aura. Their famous egg tart has been famous in Asia for about seven decades now and has been expanding further to more countries so more people could try their pastries and dishes.


Honolulu HK Cafe maintains its bright yellow theme and colorful bright interiors. If you are quite familiar with their best sellers especially the egg tart, the color would already make you crave for the egg tarts! It is a fine dining restaurant serving numerous Chinese delicacies. The branch we visited is quite spacious so there's plenty of areas where you can comfortably seat.


The Honolulu Egg Tart (50 pesos) is one of their best sellers. The highlight of its taste is the soft custard-like texture filling and the crunchy outer pastry crust and for its price and quality, I must say that it is actually in good shape and its not too sweet so there's nothing much to worry in terms of the sugar level that you'll gonna intake.

The Honolulu Bo Lo Bun (60 pesos each), Roast Coffee Bun and Crusty BBQ Pork Bun (60 pesos each). The coffee bun is only available at the Robinsons branch for the meantime but it will be launched soon on the SM Aura branch and their upcoming branches.

The Roast Coffee Bun has a strong coffee flavor toppings. The toppings of the Honolulu Bo Lo Bun and the Roast Coffee Bun are both having a thin crunchy crust but having distinct flavors on its own. My favorite is the Crusty BBQ Pork Bun because it has the all-time favorite asado like filling making you indulge in every bite.

For their drinks, I tried Iced Red Bean with Milk (130 pesos), something that gives a nostalgic feeling of having a red bean for merienda. I also tried the Hong Kong Style Milk Tea (130 pesos) which happens to be my favorite too because I love the strong taste of tea more than its sweetness. There's no wonder why they've been known as the longest running tea shop in Hong Kong. I also tried the Watercress Honey (120 pesos) but I find the taste lacking a little flavor because it seems so diluted. 

One thing that I noticed with Honolulu HK Cafe's dishes is that it is good for sharing. We tried the BBQ Pork (260 pesos) and Three Roasted Meat Treasures Set (330 pesos) and the serving is huge for 2-3 people to share. Taste wise, the BBQ Pork has the traditional BBQ flavors you often eat at a Chinese restaurant. As for the Roasted meat, it comes with various sauces so it can fit all the likings of their guests.

Here are some of the sauces: the first one contains minced veggies and is similar to pickles. The next one is the mustard sauce and the last one is the traditional Chinese style sauce often used in Chicken, the chili oil with some chili flakes.

Following the best dishes to try are the Stirred Fried Flat Noodle with Beef (268 pesos), something similar to Phad Thai if you are more familiar with the Thai cuisine. This kind of dish will surely be loved by my mother since we are both fans of this dish. Also, they have the Deep Fried Spareribs with Salt and Pepper (288 pesos), a dish having a crunchy outer layer of spareribs with a semi-sweet salty and peppery taste to it. 

The Soy Chicken (230 pesos) is tender and has maintained its freshness and flavor until the very last bite. I've been eating soy chicken in various Chinese restaurants and I love it with the chili garlic sauce. As well, the Curry Fish Ball (198 pesos) taste like the authentic fish ball taste that you can buy in Chinatown. It's my first time to try it in a curry sauce and never thought that it would match well. It has a little spicy kick but is tolerable for Filipinos' taste.

If you are a seafood fan or even when you are not, the Deep Fried Prawn with Salted Egg Yolk (488 pesos) will make you come back for more. I initially thought that it is a little bit pricey but for the quality of the food and its taste, a little amount for the indulgence is worth the price.

I'm sure that you are also craving for some carbs! How about trying the Spaghetti with Porkchop in Tomato Sauce (298 pesos)? This dish is surprisingly perfect for sharing since spaghetti is usually a heavy meal adding the porkchop makes the dish a perfect balance between the carbs and the protein.

The Baked Rice with Minced Beef Bolognaise (298 pesos) has a close taste to the spaghetti dish but the carbs had been changed with rice. It is overloaded with cheese so every bite seems like heaven to all cheese and meat lovers.

For a whole new experience, try their Hong Kong Curry in Casserole (328 pesos), the best part of it is that for curry lovers like me, the curry flavor is strong and all the ingredients mixed well with the curry. It contains all the curry saltiness, spiciness and small kick of sweetness that blends well the beef.

Ella's Recommendation

1. Honolulu HK Cafe is highly suggested if you want to eat authentic Chinese cuisine and of course, let's not forget the egg tart!
2. Their milk tea is perfect for those who would like their milk tea on a strong tea taste. 
3. Most of their dishes are good for sharing so it is best that you eat here as a group. 


Level 1, Pedro Gil Wing, Robinsons Place Manila, Ermita, Manila