Bataan: Ima Flora's Pamangan

Visiting Bataan, the Ima Flora's Pamangan is one of the must-try restaurants to satisfy your cravings for Filipino food and kinds of seafood. Here's what you can expect in this restaurant.

What is Ima Flora's Pamangan?

Ima Flora's Pamangan is a Filipino restaurant established in 2014. It is one of the most popular restaurants in Pilar, Bataan, and is popular for catering unlimited seafood and other buffet dishes. It is conveniently located in one of the major roads of Pilar and is a perfect side trip for lunch or dinner before visiting Mt. Samat.

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Expect to spend around 200 pesos for buffet and about 70-150 pesos for ala carte meals. 


The restaurant has a homey feeling to its diners. In fact, you can eat here using bare hands, especially when eating seafood. The place is alfresco dining but even if it's gonna be jam-packed at night or lunch, the place doesn't feel hot. I love how they also incorporated the flowers and decors in the dining area as well.

I noticed that there are plenty of diners who come in groups. In fact, they are mostly celebrants spending time catching-up over a meal. Some are just families or groups of friends who want to feast on seafood and good-to-go dishes of Ima Flora's Pamangan. I am a fan of seafood but not the ones that come in shells, I am usually the type of person to likely eat only squids, octopus and a bit of shrimp and crabs only but since I came with a group, I let them decide on what to eat.

There are fried shrimps and fishes and I just tried it on the buffet while taking photos. It's all crispy even if it's served open. A lot of people actually dine here so expect the food to be changed and replenished from time to time giving us the assurance that it is actually fresh.

The among the seafood dishes we tried are the fried fish and the buttered shrimp. I can guarantee that the shrimps and fishes they serve are fresh because it is sweet. We all loved the shrimp's special taste having all the juices of its meat still dripping as you remove the shells. It is perfectly sauteed in garlic and butter which makes it mouth-watery once the smell comes out.

I am also surprised that they have this Chicharong bulaklak (pork rind) on their menu as well. We were served with a spicy mix of chili, vinegar, and salt along with this dish. In fact, the restaurant has a serving tower of seasoned vinegar as a sauce for their fried dishes. They also have tokwa't baboy to go along with this. 

You may want to try their homemade bulalo with huge portions of beef shanks and marrows. The soup is well-seasoned and it is pretty obvious that the broth is a product of long cooking time for the meat. Plus, the meat of the beef falls off from the bones making it easy for everyone to eat it. 

For desserts, we had this purple-topped Leche flan that's perfect if you are like me who is not a fan of too many sweets. It has a balance of creaminess and sweetness that it has no overpowering taste. We had it with buko (coconut juice) to complete the Filipino food experience.

The best part about this restaurant is that it also comes with souvenir supplies for your convenience. It is like a one-stop-shop for delicacies, edible and non-edible goods that you can bring home as pasalubong. I've seen a number of Bataan delicacies here that I also bought some for my family.


Gov. J.J. Linao Ala Uli
Pilar, Bataan

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