Koko Kofi: Unlimited food and Karaoke at 299!

Indoor camp over sweet desserts and buffet of pasta, nachos and chicken wings? What a sweet concept! This chic restaurant doesn't just offer affordable buffet choices, they also have unlimited karaoke! All these food and amenities starting at 169 pesos for unlimited desserts and 299 here at Koko Kofi

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Known for having colorful tents, swing chairs, camping style dining and lots of sunflowers hanging from the ceiling, I've known this restaurant two years ago. My previous workmates and I attended to visit this twice but the lines were too long and it's impossible to go inside when we are already hungry. Thus, only just recently that I had the chance to sneak in, finally!

For 299, you also have the chance to have unlimited karaoke which means you don't need to pay for additional fees just to sing your heart out! My friends checked the place and found some of our favorite Korean songs like songs from Apink so this s a plus factor for me and my friends. If you are planning to have fan gatherings, I highly recommend this place as well. This is literally just a few steps from LRT station and it has a huge space for an event.

Furthermore, you are given 2 hours to take photos and eat! We maximized the 2 hours because half of it is about taking photos (probably around 20-30 mins) and the rest is for eating time! I really enjoyed the swing chairs because it brings back childhood especially when you seat beside a teddy bear.

We initially planned to seat in one of the tent areas but eventually backed off because it was too hot and we can't barely stand the heat. I think the place is well air conditioned but the tent seems to cut the air inside. Despite that, I am actually surprised that there are groups who still managed to stay there and have their meals.


I first tried the techy type of ordering system when I dined in Genki Sushi and having it here in a very affordable restaurant is quite a surprise. In fact, there's no service charge at all! If it's your first time here, the restaurant staffs will teach you how to order and there are only items that you can order from their tablet: the chicken, nachos and rice.

Chicken - since I am craving a lot for chicken, we tried all their flavors and let me share you which are the best ones. For me, I really liked the Parmesan chicken, original fried chicken partnered with sweet and spicy chicken. 

The presentation of the buffet is simple, there are desserts like cakes,brownies, popcorns, candies and ice cream. Beside are the pastas and salads and the pica-pica style dishes like siomai, siopao, pizza, flavors for nachos and hotdog. Basically, there aren't many choices for the food but it never affected the fact that I enjoyed the pizza and the chicken.

Here are some of their food. Most of them are fried probably because it would stay in the buffet longer than the ones with soup and sauces. I love their pizza, it's simple but it has plenty of cheese. The other photo is their fried siopao.

I tried the hotdog, it's the regular chicken hotdog that you can buy, same goes with the siomai. I just can't really believe that their pizza is nicely made because most of the restaurants I try doesn't really create good dough or toppings.

I am not really a cake fan but I gave it a try. I am expecting a bakery quality because it's usually like that when it's a buffet but they offer a quality one. They have numerous choices for rolls and round cakes and I tried the mocha cake. 

Here's a closer look at some of their cakes. It's actually nice that they have choices of roll and round cakes though I find it weird that some are of the same flavor. Does that make any difference? They also have various brownies to satisfy your sweet tooth too!

I love how they presented the juices! Behind it are some of the available board games that you can enjoy. Given that it's two hours, I think you won't be able to play like us because it takes time to eat chicken wings right?

Here's our DIY nachos and ice cream! I love the idea that you can be creative without sacrificing the taste of your food! As for the nachos, you'll be the one to put everything! For the ice cream, I added random toppings on it because it's quite bland for me but I think they really designed it that way so you can add other sweet toppings to it.

Ella's Recommendations:

1. Be there on time so that you have ample time to take photos. That's what we did!
2. You'll probably gonna love their chicken so it's best that you try all of it. They only serve 2-4 chicken per order so likewise, you better order a lot at the same time. Just make sure that you can finish all.
3. There's a deposit of 500 pesos per table that's refundable upon checkout.


Monumento: 2nd Floor, Rizal Ave., Ext., Caloocan · Opens at 1:00 PM

They also have another branch in Taguig: 

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  1. Karaoke and buffet spell a lot of fun! I have only tried Red Box though but I remember enjoying our little karaoke fun in there.