Motto Motto Japanese restaurant is your next comfort food destination in BGC

Motto Motto is the next Japanese-themed restaurant that you'd gonna fall in love with in terms of its interiors and the comfort that their food brings. Situated at the heart of Serendra in BGC, this restaurant offers numerous Japanese cuisine in huge servings!Motto Motto Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

What is Motto Motto?

Motto Motto which literally means 'more, more' will make you ask for more as the food they serve is fresh, oozing with an authentic taste of Japanese cuisine and has a lot of flavors that would make you crave for more! Motto Motto's first branch is currently at Serendra but they might be expanding their branches soon within Metro Manila.


What I love the most about Japanese restaurant is their freezer displaying the fresh cuts for sushi, maki and other rolls that is one of my favorite among Japanese dishes. They prepare the meals you want as soon as you order so the waiting time does not really take that long.

The interiors of the place are absolutely nice. Every corner feels like Instagram worthy. Not to mention, the sakura-color of the seat covers and their specially designed dining area that would make you feel like you are not in Manila! For millennials and even millennials at heart, this kind of ambiance is a go-to place adding the fact that it is conveniently located in the busy district of BGC.

Here's their newly added artsy area where you can exclusively dine or held small meetings inside the restaurant. This special venue is simple and classy having only a few accents and about seven seats surrounding a circular table making the room a little more cozy for groups.

I tried the Cold Matcha Latte Shake (175 pesos) but I think the drink is somehow diluted. I am expecting a little strong green tea taste or probably lesser ice for the drink. The color seems a little lighter than I expected it to be.  

The taco rice is good. It's one of my favorites since it has a lot of veggies and it tastes better when mixed. I love the amount of topping the rice have and the sauces it has on top. The highlight of this dish is the amount of cheese on top making it cheesier in every bite.

Sashimi rice bowl topped with nori and egg yolk. You have to mix everything on the bowl to get the best taste out of it. It is best mixed while it is hot since the egg is fresh. Since I like fresh and raw meat, I often enjoy this kind of dish es especially when a little kikoman is added to it.

Nigiri Omakase (350 pesos) are composed of six all-time favorite sushi cuts and rolls including Salmon, Bluefin Tuna, Squid, White Meat fish, White Shrimp poached in prawn broth and egg. I love how fresh they served these dishes and as what I've mentioned, I love raw food so I am quite familiar with the freshness of each piece.

We also tried the Tempura Soba - Tempura Moriawase and Classic Soba (385 pesos) but you can purchase it individually. The tempura is the traditional style of tempura having various veggies, shrimp and fish deep fried and can be dipped into the tempura sauce. As for the soba, you just have to dip it into the sauce before eating it. This is a good way to maintain the freshness of the noodles and lessening the chance of it being soggy. 

Classic Zaru Soba (195 pesos), Chef's tempura Moriawase (375 pesos) but with a bigger serving than this photo since this one is from the set meal. Normally, soba noodle broth is quite bland in taste so it is up to you if you want it a little saltier by adding some kikoman to it, I prefer adding some of it since I like food a little saltier. 

Okosama Special, Kid's meal (295 pesos) is a small portion of everything. It has spaghetti, chicken karaage, burger patty, potato salad, rice, and dessert which are some of the kiddie favorites. Not to mention, the cute small train plate that will remind you of Japan's train!

In addition to their menu is the latest Superstar Lunchset starting at 195 pesos and the set already comes with a glass of iced tea, soup and salad and the choice of your favorite dish in a bowl.

Their take on the chasu pork on chasu fried rice (250 pesos) is my favorite so I highly recommend it if you are a fan of meat and wants to go safe with the taste of the food. Traditionally, chasu pork is cooked via marinating the pork and braised meat and topped with some mayonaise like sauce and onion chives. It will easily remind you of the Chinese favorite Chao Fan but it has a little more flavor to it. They also have the Nasu Miso Pork (225 pesos) which is rice topped with eggplan and pork.

I've been going crazy over spicy dynamite chicken karaage (225 pesos) lately and I've been so excited to try this dish in various restaurants around Manila. It made me so glad that they have it here and the taste made it on my standards. Here, it's quite a little spicy and has a semi-mayo and a little kick of teriyaki taste to it. They also have some mapo tofu with pork (265 pesos) for rice toppings that somehow instantly gave me a feeling of comfort after eating it. It is something that you'd gonna love to eat after a long day at work.

A little bit on the most popular side comes to the Seafood tempura Don (325 pesos) having the famed shrimp, fish and vegetable tempuras coated with chili powder to taste. This perfectly complements well with the soup and veggies but I can only recommend it to those who are a fan of spicy food. Additionally, they have the US Beef Belly Gyudon (195 pesos) and Kakiage Tempura (195 pesos).

For the choices of desserts, some of their highly recommended dishes to try are the Orange Crème Brûlée Pancake, Caramelized Banana Souffle and the Strawberries & Cream Pancake. If you are not familiar with souffle, this kind of dish is an egg-based dish having soft texture and is mixed with various ingredients to create a savory dish or dessert. The nearest type of dish to it is the pancake but with a fluffier and softer texture.

What's the best part if you are dining here at night? They have 30% off on all their pastries daily from 7pm onwards so you can try their mouth-watery bread at a lower price!


Ground Floor, Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Facebook Page: Motto Motto PH


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