Museo de Intramuros is now open! (뮤제오 데 인트라무로스)

Another cultural attraction in Intramuros, the Museo de Intramuros (뮤제오 데 인트라무로스), will be opening its door to the public on May 2 (5월 2일)! 

The Department of Tourism is inviting everyone to explore and learn more about the Philippine culture and history by visiting this museum! museo de intramuros manila

What is Museo de Intramuros?

The Museo de Intramuros is an ecclesiastical museum that is run by the Intramuros Administration. The construction of the building started in 2009 at the newly reconstructed San Ignacio Church and Convent that's located inside the walled area of Intramuros.

1. National Heritage Month

museo de intramuros manila
As we welcome the month of May, we also embrace the National Heritage Month. The Department of Tourism encourages and invites the public to visit the Museo De Intramuros located inside the walled city of Intramuros. This is a great way to learn about the culture of the Philippines centuries back and know the role of it in the lives of numerous generations of Filipinos.

"IA's dedication in ensuring that the tangible treatures that immortalize our history are now accessible to the public is commendable.-- This project rooted in passion and a deep love of the country must be emulated and replicated." 
DOT Secretary and Chairperson of the IA Board of Administrators, Bernadette Romulo Puyat said as she also congratulates IA Administrator Guiller Asido and the cultural workers behind the museum.

2. Six parts of the exhibit

museo de intramuros manila
The newly opened exhibit highlights the Filipinos values towards arts and craftsmanship and how the indigenous and foreign culture affected the creations of our locals. Additionally, the Museo de Intramuros focused on the religious images that belong to the Intramuros Administration collection and divided it into six major components.

museo de intramuros manilamuseo de intramuros manila

museo de intramuros manila  museo de intramuros manila
Here are some of the displays at the Museo de Intramuros.

The exhibit is curated by Dr. Esperanza Gatbonton, Gino Gonzales, Dr. Cecilia dela Paz, Santiago Pilar and Martin Tinio. The six components include the following: The Immaculate Conception, The Religious Order, The Patronato Real and the establishment of parishes, Religious Colonial Paintings, The establishment of a parish and sacred vessels and The Indio Response.

3. Admission is Free

museo de intramuros manila
The official opening of the museum was last April 29, 2019 as a part of the 40th year celebration anniversary of the Intramuros Administration as an organization that envisions to build a future that's full of history. The building of the Museo De Intramuros took years before its opening and it will now open its door to the public on May 2! Admission is free so you must start adding this in your Intramuros or Manila itinerary!

4. Dioramas of the old churches in Intramuros

museo de intramuros manila museo de intramuros manila museo de intramuros manila
museo de intramuros manila museo de intramuros manila museo de intramuros manila
The Museo de Intramuros is run by the Intramuros Administration. It is located in two reconstruction sites inside the Intramuros walled city which are the San Ignacio Church and the Mission House Society of Jesus. The museum also envisions to house period art collections of the IA and to showcase to the public some of the ecclesiastical art, furniture, vestments and textiles, and other artifacts that they have in their collection.

The current in-house exhibition is about the story of evangelization of the Philippines based on the perspective of the Filipinos during the colonization period and the introduction of religion and culture to the locals. Some of the church dioramas include The Manila Cathedral, Lourdes Church, San Ignacio Church, and San Nicolas Church.

5. Rebirth and Rise

The Department of Tourism is the helping in the efforts of the Intramuros Administration with regards to the restoration, development, and promotion of the historic walled city and the creation of this museum. In addition to the museum collection, the 3rd floor of the building shows some of the blueprints and map design of the Intramuros and Fort Santiago.

There's also an area where visitors could watch various videos dedicated to the walled city and its history. You may also read some of the important reconstruction and rebirth of Intramuros including the transfer of churches and the diversity of culture and traditions of Filipinos throughout the years.

As we move on to a generation of millennials the Intramuros Administration widens their borders as they create promotional and cultural materials in terms of a more younger generation friendly materials. They designed the Intramuros Beep Card and postcards in more visual and creative design to fit the liking of the young ones. As for the kids, they could create their own paper dioramas that will soon be available at the museum and in other parts of Intramuros attractions.

The DOT will be investing more in the promotion of cultural tourism to further tell the world about the history of the Philippines and its own narrative. This also ensures that the heritage structures and the objects will be highly preserved and enjoyed by the generations to come.


San Ignacio Church, Anda street corner Arsobispo street.
Intramuros, Manila, 1002 Metro Manila
8AM to 5PM (Tuesday to Friday)

안다 스티리트 코너 아르조비스포 스티리트
인트라무로스, 만닐라 1200
오전 8시 ~ 오후 5시 (화요일-금요일)