Pound Burger is now in SM North Edsa + must try dollar dishes

We found love in Pound! Pound is a fine dining restaurant that promotes affordable luxury providing luxurious quality food at a very affordable price. They just opened their ninth branch in SM North Edsa last May 6 and I'm giving you an overview on what to expect when you dine.

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What is Pound?

The concept of Pound initially focused on providing different burger dishes to their customers in a very luxurious ambiance at a very affordable price. They are now with nine branches giving #AffordableLuxury for their customers.


Pound's main theme circulates mostly in a black, white and gold interiors with marble tables, dim and dim lights having it look like a mix of a modern and classic diner in a very cozy and luxe manner. The gold lights give the overall accent to the theme of the restaurant too. They make use of silver and gold utensils and cups making it a good fit in the overall resto ambiance. They have seats near the counters for those coming alone and separate seats and tables for group dining. The restaurant can accommodate 30 people comfortably.


These items here are a part of their dollar deals! Each of the items in this photo is priced at 59 pesos (about $1) only! I love how they managed to create this concept, maintained high-quality food and bring it at a very affordable price. In fact, if you'll gonna compute, you can order a mini burger. pasta and a drink and it's still less than 200 pesos!

Here's a closer look at the dollar deals. The first one is the mini burger and the second one is their chocolate drink. They are both in cute sized but taste, price, and serving size, it is competitive enough with other restaurants inside the mall. Aside from that, the chocolate drink 

Even though I am always for alfredo and fettuccine pasta, I did like how Pound presented their spaghetti. It doesn't have a lot of ingredients but the strong tomato and cheese flavor is there. I'm sure they got you by the design of the onion rings too! The sauce also fits well the crispy rings so you'll enjoy it as appetizers.

What's Pound without burgers? Their burgers are packed with huge meat patties and you can have it doubled patties with cheese or with other ingredients that you'd like to have it with. Sauces of the burger are already included inside, unlike others that require you to customize it further. Burger price starts at 120 pesos. 

If you think that this resto is just about burgers, you got it wrong. They also have Caesar salad (170 pesos) and rice meals that you can enjoy for lunch or dinner. This is Sizzling Pound Moco, this contains their house ground beef patty, peppercorn gravy, garlic rice and sunny side up egg (180 pesos).

How about some Poutine? If you aren't familiar with Poutine, it is a type of dish that includes french fries, cheese curds, and brown gravy. They serve it with catsup and truffle oil creating that memorable taste in every bite.

As for their pastas, I tried the spaghetti and the alfredo. Their caramelized bacon alfredo is creamy and rich and it fits well with the bits of bacon. Even the child that went with us, enjoyed the pasta a lot! (Solo - 80 pesos / Full size - 150 pesos)

Pound's best burger is the Foie Gras Pound burger. It's a burger containing foie gras, it's the liver of a duck that has been specially fattened. Trying foie gras with a burger is a whole new experience. Since Pound's burger patty is savory, it fits well the grilled taste of the foie gras. (700 pesos)

The most I enjoyed here aside from the burger is their fried chicken wings. This platter is best for those who would like to try different flavors of the chicken. This chicken winglet sampler, in particular, includes garlic parmesan, buffalo wings, and sweet chili. (280 pesos)

How about a cup of tea after your meal? They offer numerous drinks that you'd like to have and partner with your food. My friends highly recommend ginger ale if you wanna have it in a little millennial way.


1. In the coming month, they have their P100 peso Pound x Pound promo, that’s two sliders for P100. (Terms and conditions apply.)

2. Classic deals are also available at the new store wherein you can have their #Slider and pasta for only 179 pesos and upgrade with Foodee Iced Tea for 249 pesos. (Classic Deals is available the whole day and is subject to 10% SC)

3. For their Mother's day special, they are giving out a free dessert for every P1000 minimum purchase!

4. On their opening day, they had their signature Pay What You Want promo which run for two days, from opening day to May 7, 2019. This promo allows you to pay the amount you want for your single order. They usually conduct this kind of promo during a branch opening.

(Terms and conditions for Pay What You Want Promo)

1. Offer valid for all Burgers and sliders except for POUND FOIE GRAS Burger.
2. Limited to One Pay What You Want per person for every transaction.
3. Add-Ons are not included.
4. Valid for Dine In Customers for the first 50 Customers only on May 6-7, 2019 at POUND SM North branch only.
5. Not valid with other promotions and discounts. 
6. Final bill is subject to 10% SC) 

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