Royal Tea 皇茶 is now in the Philippines: Here are their must try drinks

Royal Tea, a Chinese milk tea brand is now in the Philippines and they are bringing you affordable yet quality milk teas and fruit teas that Filipinos will love. What makes Royal tea stand out from the others?Royaltea Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Located at the ground floor of WH Taft Residences, Royal Tea is an affordable treat that would make you feel like a royal for its cheese-topped drinks, fruit teas, brown sugars, milk teas, and custard drinks. I had the chance to visit them during their soft opening and I'm glad that I am one of those who first tried this special drinks from China.

The shop is spacious and they have numerous chairs and tables if you are up for dine-in. I love the minimalistic design of the space having only white colors and yellow and white lights. The counter is just right at the entrance and it won't take long before they call you for your drinks.

Drink Selections

At the counter, they also have their pre-made sinkers so that when a customer orders, they just need to get one there and create your drink right away. Royal tea's branch here in Taft is actually the first branch that they have in the Philippines and they'll be expanding in San Juan soon! Yep, they brew your drinks fresh and everything is created with passion.

Cheezo Series

The cheezo series are drinks (milk teas, smoothie base fruit teas) that contain soft and creamy New Zealand cheese tops. The combination of the sweet flavor coming from the drink is being enhanced by the cheese toppings of its salty kick. Another thing that I love about this is that the cap is reusable and can be closed or sealed again thanks to its design. Compared to the usual Taiwanese drinks, Chinese versions of milk tea have a stronger tea taste than the sweet side so its perfect for health-conscious customers.

Custard Series

This is my favorite one, the custard series. It feels like you are actually eating custard cake as the cup is surrounded by layers of creamy rich custard. This is perfect for milk tea drinks and chocolate based drink. For me, the best one is when you have it large (because I'm sure that you'll gonna love it) and have it with pearls.

Fruit tea series

Here comes another must try in their menu, the fruit teas which you can top off with cheese. Can you imagine how it tastes? Well, you have to figure it out yourself. I brought my friend here and she instantly fell in love with the watermelon cheezo. Their drinks are made with real fruit juice, bits and pulp so it's sure that it is served fresh.

Brown Sugar series

Up for the brown sugar series? They'll give you choices of having a chocolate-based drink or milk tea for your brown sugar drink. This contains brown sugar syrup and soft and chewy pearls. A friend of mine also tried it with cheezo and yes, it's a perfect combination!

Royal tea will also be releasing a new drink that includes our favorite mango, the mango mania so you better watch out for it! Meanwhile, make sure to follow their Facebook page for more details: Royaltea皇茶 Philippines.


WH Taft Residences, Taft Avenue Malate Manila. 
This is just beside De La Salle University Henry Sy Building


  1. Another milk tea brand to try. Omg, milk tea na ang blood type ko. 😂

  2. Super love ko ang milktea. And nung nakita ko to sobrang gusto kong itry to. Kaso ang layo. Mukhang masarap yung custard drinks nila. Love cheese so much!

  3. Geez, I hope they have a branch in SM Megall, I want to try this!

  4. they said masarap daw yung may mga cheese... sana they will open one near me so I can try

  5. Ang tagal ko nang hindi nakainom ng milktea since walang milktea shop dito samin haha kaya excited na ako sa pasukan eh susulitin ko sa Dagupan uminom. Sana may ganiyan sa Dagupan para ma-try ko rin!