Samgyup Hunting, Las Pinas: Your next unlimited Samgyupsal Place near SM Southmall

In our search to find the best Korean restaurant and Samgyupsal place every city, I am always after four criteria - the taste of the food, the ambiance of the place, the price and the service. Samgyup Hunting - just in front of SM Southmall is this restaurant that reminds me of Chakhan Dwaeji because of its design. Here goes my review:Samgyup Hunting Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

What is Samgyup Hunting?

Samgyup Hunting is a Korean restaurant offering unlimited Samgyupsal strategically located in front of SM Southmall and near the restaurant, I just recently tried, the Southside Grill. Based on their promotional materials online, I initially thought that they offer Korean buffet too but I guess it is the usual Samgyupsal restaurant where they serve side dishes on the table together with the meat.


My first impression is really the same as when I was in Chakhan Dwaeji in South Korea but with a different color and no buffet. It has huge spacious tables that can accommodate about 20-30 groups comfortably. We arrived at the restaurant around 4PM so the place isn't that full yet. Probably about four or five tables were occupied.

The airconditioning is good but I am a little worried about the exhaust once the place gets more dining guests. The place has numerous exhausts but once the stove starts to smoke, the whole place gets the BBQ smell making you go home smelling like a newly cooked BBQ compared to when the exhaust is directly placed on the stove.


They served 10 side dishes, the Bae kimchi (the traditional kimchi), oi kimchi (cucumber kimchi), corn, Japche, gamja jorim (braised potatoes), odeng (fish cake), veggie salad, fruits, and the beef for the soup. They also serve the lettuce together with the other side dishes. For their sauces, they serve the salt, pepper and the garlic cuts.

Not the usual ones on the side dishes include these two: the fruits which are canned pineapples, red and yellow papaya and corn. I hope they just replace the pineapple with the plain pineapple cuts so that we can also grill it together with the meat as what Koreans normally do.

The gamja jorim is cooked nicely but I find the serving a little too small so you can just ask them to refill it a little more when the staff comes over. The next side dish is the beef which I think fits well with the soup they serve. It is commonly served at a Korean household together with the cucumber soup. I decided to add it on the cucumber soup that they served and the taste is really refreshing especially when you add ice to it.

For the greens, they made some salad and the lettuce for some. I don't exactly know the concept of the salad but it's just cuts of romaine lettuce topped with some gochu. The lettuce is for the ssam anyway.

THe oi and bae kimchi they served are both good. It tastes like the homemade ones so I can easily suggest it to my Korean friends who are residing near SM Southmall or Las Pinas area. The spiciness that I am looking for is there.

I am also surprised to find odeng on their side dishes. I think they adjusted the other side dishes so it is quite cost-effective to serve odeng (fish cake) and japche. These are some of my favorite side dishes whenever I eat at a restaurant and badly wish all restaurants actually serve odeng. As for the japche, I'd appreciate it more if they serve it hot.


Pork and Beef flavors are plain, bulgogi, salt and pepper, spicy and yummy curry and it is offered at 399 pesos per head regardless of lunch or dinner. However, if you are up for unli pork BBQ, you have free 2 choices of flavored beef if you are dining from Monday-Thursday only at 349 pesos per head.

We had the 399 pesos unlimited pork and beef Samgyupsal. Since I am usually just eating the beef one, we tried all except the spicy flavor. This one is the salt and pepper beef. I love the peppery taste but I find it too salty after cooking.

My favorite ones are the original flavor and the bulgogi. I love the classic flavor because it fits well with everything especially with the side dishes and the sauces. When cooking Samgyupsal, the most important thing is that you don't put the fire too high so that it cooks evenly and it will get crispy. The crisp of the beef or pork will only be achieved in good shape if it is plain.

(Left - Bulgogi / Right - Curry) However, since Filipinos are starting to enjoy the flavored Samgyupsal, their bulgogi is actually a must try as well. It has the traditional bulgogi taste but comes with a little more on the BBQ side. The curry flavor is good especially if you are a fan of curry because of its strong taste when it gets cooked. It reminds me of my favorite kare rice that Korean children often eat. Well, my favorite as well.

Ella's Recommendation

1. Samgyup Hunting is a good hideout if you are looking for unlimited samgyupsal and Korean food. They've been viewing random music videos so Kpop fans would eventually enjoy this place.
2. They also have soju so I highly suggest this for Bulgeum (Fire Friday which means time to party because it's Friday night!!!)


Unit 5 Alabang auto exchange corner Manila Doctors Village 
Almanza Uno Las PiƱas City.. (at the back of McDonald's in front of sm Southmall)
Operating Hours: 11AM -5AM
Facebook Page: Samgyup Hunting