Snow Bear Milktea Review

As Millenials strive to do their best, the cravings and gaming for milk tea just upscaled causing more shops that actually sell Milktea even in your neighborhood. This milk tea shop is located near our house so I gave it a try. How can I prove that Snow Bear Milk tea it is a legit Taiwanese milk tea? Read through:


Named as snow bear, you can expect that it has a white interior with minimalistic designs. It has a touch of gold accents to it including the chairs and some of their displays. Once you enter, you would already feel that it's a legit Taiwanese shop because most of the writings inside are in their language. 

What surprised me the most is that in their counter, the screen is all in Taiwanese language including the price and the exact order that I have. The owner was also the one who punched in my order and she's having a hard time speaking in English so she called one of her staff to assist me. The only thing I saw that's English is the wifi name and password. I ordered the traditional milk tea with pearls at 130 pesos.

You can also find these cute chairs and displays inside the shop. They could probably accommodate about 10 to 15 people comfortably at the same time. Since they also have free wifi, you can do your work while having a cup of your favorite.

When my order arrived, I am no longer surprised that everything is written in Taiwanese. I am just surprised that there's a WeChat Number printed on the cup sleeve of my order. Taste-wise, I usually like my milk tea a little strong in terms of the tea taste and they delivered it nicely. The pearls were freshly cooked and it's not so chewy. For this particular milk tea shop, it's surprising that there's a legit store that actually sells quality Taiwanese milk tea.

Ella's Recommendation 

1. The only thing that made me feel uncomfortable here is that I was sitting next to the owner and whenever someone calls her through phone, her voice is overpowering the whole place. It was too loud. I highly recommend their drinks but it's best that you do it for take-outs.

2. Staffs are often nowhere to be found. I only saw them during the time I ordered and when my order was delivered. They always hide inside the kitchen. If you need something, you might need to shout a little so they would hear you inside.

3. They also have Tawainese food like the bubble waffle and I suggest that you give it a try as well.


8760 Residences, Santol St. cor. Aranga St., San Antonio Village, Makati, Metro Manila