SouthSide Grill's Unlimited Crabs for only 550 pesos

I grew up in the city but that doesn't change the fact that I have access to fresh seafood. Visiting Southside Grill brought me back to the days that I spend summer in Cagayan Valley where we can eat crabs and shrimps any time of the day. 

We know for a fact that seafood especially crabs are quite expensive but this restaurant could give an unlimited crab offer for only 550 pesos ($11)! 

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What is Southside Grill?

It is a restaurant in Las Pinas that offers unlimited crabs at an affordable price. The restaurant is conceptualized and finally gave birth by a team of real estate marketing professionals who are aiming to provide a chill place for families and millennial workers residing along with the place. Thus, Southside Grill is now ready to serve mouth watery all-time favorite crabs and Filipino dishes. Are you ready to claw?


Having more of a cowboy style grill and classic comfy tables, Southside Grill ensures their dining guests that the place would make them feel like they can freely enjoy their food, small talks with their friends or families over good music from their live bands. The restaurant is also accessibly located near (SM Southmall) so it is easy to find.


Taking you onto the appetizers, here's some of our favorite Filipino street food served and plated so it is not just a feast for the stomach but a feast for the eyes as well. Their grills are the typical favorites that you often crave for and its best partnered with some alcoholic beverages that they do serve as well. The platter is customizable depending on the type of grilled items you wish to try.

Here some of the items we tried: isaw or chicken intestines (20 pesos each), BBQ (35 pesos each) and hotdog (38 pesos each).

Moving on, they have this buttered fried chicken  (398 pesos) which is one of my favorites, the skin part is crunchy and juicy inside so you can easily say that it is freshly prepared. Plus, since it is good for sharing, one plate of it is already enough for 3-4 heads you plan to have two pieces each.

If you just want to have something that would pair up with the crabs and lessen the guilt of too much cholesterol coming, then its time to order the veggies. They have vegetable dishes like this grilled eggplant and okra or ladyfingers topped with bagoong. Aside from that, if you want a little fancy, they have this spicy chili Kani Dynamite Cheese sticks (98 pesos).

We also tried their ala carte Salmon and the Pork sisig (180 pesos). The salmon is cooked well done and is served with some lemon cuts. Freshness wise, you can easily say that it is freshly caught since the smell and taste contains that inviting salmon taste. For their sisig, it contains that crunchy texture, a little spicy kick from the chili and the traditional sisig taste that you look forward into when you order one.

Heart Attack Crab (600 grams) for (398 pesos) is perfect for those who are into having the traditional crab taste like the sauce of this dish is the aligue of the crab itself. It is named the heart attack as we obviously know that crabs are rich in cholesterol but anyways, who doesn't like a little foodie pleasure?

Since I am more into having sauces, I preferred the Singaporean Chili Crab 600 grams at (398 pesos) than the heart attack. The sauce is not as overpowering as I thought it would be but it contains all the flavors that you want in a sauce. The distinct flavor of sweet, spicy, salty Singaporean style sauce with a little spicy kick contains that perfect blend that would make you crave for more.

The unlimited crabs' promo comes at 550 pesos and is a little smaller than the ala carte ones and it comes with three sauces: Chili Mango, Singaporean Chili, and the all-time favorite Filipino vinegar.

The Buttered Garlic Shrimp (398 pesos) is close to the size of the one I tried in Korea but this one is fresher and tastier. Plus, it is just cooked with garlic and butter so you'll enjoy the original taste of the shrimp inside.

We've tried two drinks from their menu. Black Russia and Sex On The Beach. Black Russia is highly suggested to those who are into that coffee taste with a little punch of alcohol. The other one is somehow a ladies drink but has a little smooth alcohol taste in it.

Here's buchiron to partner with your drink! 

Ella's Recommendation

1. If you are from the south, this restaurant is a must try especially to fans of seafood!
2. They serve rice on your first order and it is up to you if you want more rice on your additional orders.
3. Make sure to eat moderately!!! :)


Manila Doctors Village Access Road, Almanza Uno, Las Piñas, Metro Manila
Las Piñas
Operating hours: 5:00 PM - 3:00 AM
Facebook Page: South Side Grill


  1. Aww! Favorite ko ang crabs at ang mura nya. :) Perfect din to for inuman. 😊