heimish eye patch: your 30min remedy to your dark eye circles

Heimish Eye Patch is a South Korean brand formulated with Bulgarian Rose Water and is packed with hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties. 

One of its key benefits is that it rejuvenates the tired eyes and lessens the black effect of your eyes and currently, it's one of my favorite products for skin care.


Having its millennial pink color, it will already attract you to buy one and try it. I've known eye patches for a long time already but it is not yet that popular to Philippine users since we don't care much about having eye bags. (It's a normal thing here, isn't it?).

It claims to help tired eyes and lessen the dark eye circles (popularly known as eyebags) and helps the skin retain its firm and bouncy glow. Also, the Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water Hydrogel Eye Patch can be applied anywhere in your skin that needs some extra care such as your forehead and cheeks.


I got this product from gobloomandglow (gobloomandglow.com) currently priced at 1,200 pesos for 60 patches but they are offering it at a discounted price as of the moment that this blog has been written. In addition, I have to admit that this product is really effective as I've applied it numerous times during the days that I've been spending a lot of sleepless nights to work.

 I initially thought that Koreans only used it to look cute (for real!) but never thought I'll be using it a lot one day because the product really brightens the dark circles below my eyes. 

How to apply?

Just take two eye patches and put them on your eye bags or the part that you want your moisten or brighten. I guess the only issue here at first is that the eye patches are quite watery so you'll be needing to move it to its original position every now and then until it gets drier and sticks with the skin. It will usually take about 20-30 mins before it fully gets dry.


I use it every time that I need to lessen my eyebags and it never failed me. It may be a little expensive but for the results that you can get, it is worth the price.