Bataan: Sybilla's Restaurant

A hearty breakfast and lunch favorites all day round? I can't believe a restaurant that serves comfort food actually exist in Balanga, Bataan and they re-created their food to fit the Millenials feast for the eyes and everyone's feast for the stomach! Sybilla's Restaurant is a must try restaurant when visiting Bataan. Here's why:

What is Sybilla's Restaurant?

Sybilla's Restaurant is a family resto that offers refreshing and delicious food at generous serving size. During our stay in Bataan, I am amazed that every restaurant serves some of the all-time favorite Filipino food like sinigang, buttered chicken and sisig but they all have their own variations to it making each restaurant very memorable on its own.


Once you enter, you'll see a quick play of colors inside the restaurant and how they managed to fit in different concepts in every corner. I love the details of everything even the smallest ones like the clock and the hanging decors.

Giving you a little closer look at the details, each area has small items that you'll appreciate. Some of these are the tabletop decors specially designed to make every corner pop-up and filled with life and colors. Even the cute little cactus reminds us that 'Life is like a cactus, full of pricks but also very beautiful' and a short reminder that you shouldn't pick it from the vase. How cute is that?!


Moving on to their dishes, we tried the Monte Cristo (85 pesos), a clubhouse type of Sandwich with cheese and chips. For its price, it already cheap to fill your stomach without draining your pocket. Taste-wise, it is still high quality and there's a generous amount of filling inside.

If you are up for some healthy appetizer, they also have the Mang Cesar Salad (150 pesos)

The Vegetable Samosa Croquette (85 pesos) and Cheezy Jalapeno Dynamite (69 pesos) are both pleasing in the eyes and in the tongue. Even though it is fried, it has a dipping sauce so there's nothing to worry about if you are afraid of the greasy taste.

The Egg Drop Half bowl (95 pesos) / Whole Bowl (180 pesos) is the traditional egg drop and we started consuming everything as soon as it reached our table. For another Sinigang experience, I highly recommend that you try their Creamy Sinigang ni Jimboy (240 pesos). It contains a nice thick sauce, of course, the sour taste of the soup and their take on its kangkong is somehow different from the traditional as it is served on top of the dish, fried.

Sizzling Sisig (190 pesos) and cheesy bangus are both traditional Filipino food with a twist. The sisig has a cute egg topping and it has crispy meat. As for the fish, it literally is overloaded with cheese sauce making it perfect for millennials taste.

As I am a self-confessed 'chicken person,' as to how my friends coin it, I love the cheezy Chicken Parmigiano and their soy fried chicken. I've tried about numerous chicken Parmigiano and you know that it's good if the chicken has a crispy coating and cheezy toppings. The soy chicken somehow is close to adobo taste.

The most memorable part of dishes they served us is these choco lava cake ala mode with a special "Welcome to Bataan" lettering making us feel so warmly welcomed in the province!

The most memorable part of dining at Sybilla's is their iced tea. It is not the traditional powdered iced tea and we all loved how they brewed their drink having a little minty flavor and a special after taste of their secret ingredient. It is something that you have to find out yourself once you visit.

Roman Superhighway, Brgy. Camacho, Balanga City, Balanga

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