Wok With Mom, Homemade Authentic Chinese Food To Go for your next family celebration

We usually cook our own party trays when we have parties at home but this year is quite different. It's my parents' wedding anniversary and here's a thoughtful gift perfect for it, Wok With Mom's homemade authentic Chinese food. 

What is Wok with Mom?

Wok with Mom is set up for a 77-year-old mom and her staff in 2018. It is a fourth-generation Chinese heritage cuisine. It’s a small food delivery business offering authentic Chinese Filipino cuisine eaten during festivities- the dishes are the ones where the family's ammah, mommy, and papa used to make during big family occasions.


You can place your order by messaging their page Wok With Momthis is also where you can see their menu. You may also reach them by messaging this number: 0917 866 3562. As I talk with them, they've been really nice and they share quite a good story too. You know that it is a restaurant that doesn't just wok food but also shares a long story of good food and life values.

They sent me this card to get to know more about the business and it is amazing how they were able to incorporate their core values in their business and how they were able to give back to their community by giving more jobs to the elderly. 


As the food arrives, it is still super hot knowing that their place is just about two to three kilometers away from my place. This platter is bigger than I expected. It contains a generous amount of toppings too. More so, they'll be asking you if you have allergies on something as you place your order so that it will be changed to something else. 

I am not new to Cha Misua (Chinese Birthday Noodles) because I have friends before who invited me to come over to their place to celebrate with them. And so for a food delivery like this, I can guarantee that it is a good homemade one and that the taste is authentic.

I am also overwhelmed by the fact that they give a red packet card with a Chinese scripture. I've never seen a food delivery who actually gives you a handwritten message with a bible verse. They also told me that the reason behind Wok with Mom idea came from a prayer and fasting activity with which the owner promised to add a message and scripture to all their orders as a way of thanking God for the blessing. 

The Long Life Cha Misua is priced at 980 pesos and it can feed about 6-10 family members if you are sharing it at home. It contains chicken, egg, shrimp, veggies, and my favorite mushroom. You might think that the mushroom is quite salty but that's just how it usually goes so it must be mixed before serving. If it is your first time trying this dish, fret not because Wok With Mom would actually send you instructions. Here it is:

1. Celebrant leads the prayer as the family gathers
2. The celebrant mixes all toppings of the Long Life Cha Misua
3. Celebrant scoops for all guests 
4. Everyone, it's time to enjoy the food

Moving on to their Baked Citrus Chinese Spice Spareribs, it is priced at 1,680 pesos. As I open the platter, it reminded me of my favorite citrus spareribs dish that we had during one of our parties in Solaire. The citrus scent is pretty strong so you would already know that it uses fresh fruit for this dish. The best part is that it is easy for elders to consume it because it is tender and the meat falls off from the bones. 

As for the taste, it has a sweet, small amount of saltiness and tangy taste. The tangy however did not overpower the flavor of the meat so you won't feel that it is too overwhelming and that you'll keep digging for more. We ate the spareribs with the Cha Misua and it complements well. But of course, Filipinos would actually love this with rice too. 

Ella's Recommendation

1. Their dishes are best consumed within 3 hours of delivery to ensure its freshness
2. This is highly recommended if you are up for a legit Chinese taste. They also have other Chinese dishes that you can check on their page: Wok With Mom.
3. The price of their food is just right for the serving size and taste so you won't really be disappointed.
4. Customer service too is good!