A healing experience in Balay Hilom Spa

Growing up with the traditional 'Hilot' (the traditional type of massage used for healing purposes), Balay Hilom is a good recommendation for those like me who are in this type of healing. Here's our full experience:


Located inside a building, you would never think that one of the shops there would actually look like a traditional house (nipa hut/ Kubo) for the design is made with materials that you often see in a native cultural group like that of the ones in Mindanao. There are a few culturally relevant pieces like the small kulintang and the paper-made Bahay Kubo. The Bahay Kubo reminds me of our school projects in elementary and being here felt like I am not really in Metro Manila.

Aside from that, these jars caught my attention. These are some of the jars that we used to study back in grade school and I only found a few of them in museums. If you plan to come here, expect that you'll be having so much peace inside. You'll love the strong scent of peppermint (probably coming from the oils they use) and the instrumental sounds make it more relaxing.


We came here after having a feast in Hodai Japanese Restaurant which is also located in Quezon City. You can give them a call if you have exact dates and time that you want to visit the spa, especially during weekends. What's so special about their service is that they give you their special brewed ginger tea that adds on the relaxing feel. 

Afterwards, you need to soak your feet in warm water before the massage experience. This helps prepare your body by warming it up and balance the circulation of the blood. Right after this, you'll be guided inside the room where you'd be enjoying the massage you chose. We had a 70-minute massage which is nice to refresh the muscles in your body. The therapists are nice enough to ask if you from time to time if the pressure is too hard for you to handle. 

Ella's Recommendation:

1. You may find it a little difficult to find the exact shop if you aren't familiar with the place like us but it is just in Katipunan, in front of Ateneo de Manila.
2. Give them a call for booking first before visiting.


Location: FBR Arcade, Katipunan Ave, Quezon City
Opening hours: Daily, 1PM – 11PM
Contact: Balay Hilom Spa