Dylan Wang 王鹤棣 Benchsetter Fun meet: a fangirl's story

Attending various events, concerts and fan meeting for almost a decade now, I've been starstruck for quite a few times only. The funny part is that even though I am a Kpop fan, most of those who gave me the chills are mostly my Chinese biases, including the recent Dylan Wang 王鹤棣 (Wáng Hè Dì) Benchsetter Fun meeting in Araneta Coliseum.

photo from Dylan Wang's Facebook Page

Here's the real deal, when I have overflowing feels, I tend to keep my phone and camera and would just enjoy the moment. The recent Benchsetter fun meet last July 20, 2019, is no exception from that. As a Meteor Garden baby rooting from the original Taiwanese version to Hana Yori Dango, Boys over Flowers which I watched because my first bias Kim Hyun Joong is there and the recent one from Netflix which is the Chinese version -- I've seen them all. Dylan Wang plays the role of Dao Ming Si and of course, given that he'll be visiting Manila, I'll never miss this chance!

 I needed a backpack when the event about Dylan coming to the Philippines was announced. I knew it, it was perfect timing! I came to the nearest branch near us and shopped for the things I needed. I got new bags and the fun meet passes came for free! Obviously, it's a win-win situation!

Event Overview

As I've mentioned earlier, there aren't many photos because I just literally took a few snaps and enjoyed the rest of the night watching the fan meet. The event started pretty late given that the ticket says 5pm. It started around 7pm and I could already see the excited faces of the fans trying to kill time before the start shows.

They gathered numerous fans to play on stage. The crowd eventually went wild when he went on stage. There were numerous Q&As that happened. It's his first time in Manila and he's so excited to meet the fans. He also talked about how he felt after winning in the show 'Super Idol 2' and what he learned after partaking in 'The Inn 2.' He'll be starring in an upcoming Chinese series as well and of course, we are all excited to see him again on screen!

Some of them had the chance to pick a price from Dylan! What would you feel if you win a photo with Dylan? How about a bouquet of flowers or a signed poster? Or maybe a morning or goodnight voice message from Dylan? That's how all the lucky fangirls got after all the waiting game! I can't help but feel envious yet super happy that they had the chance to meet him on stage with just a few steps away!

I think Dylan isn't used to fan meetings yet, I could see that he is still a little aloof in terms of fan service but he's trying his best. 100 VIP ticket holders went up on stage for their most awaited meet and greet. There were lucky ones who had handshakes. They all got signed posters and it was signed by Dylan on stage! It was pretty fast-phased because I guess they were catching up with the time.

We were really surprised when Dylan suddenly decided to sing a part of his song from his music video (『流星花園』插曲 非同小可MV). And guess what, it's not part of the script! He just felt like singing when he heard the music!

If you haven't seen the video, check it here!

He's really good looking, not just on the screen but also on stage! Fans were screaming when Dylan looks at their area in the audience. More than just the meteor garden fever that's still hyped up until today, he got the starstruck factor that would surely snatch every fangirl's heart.

photo from Dylan Wang's Facebook Page

It was a pretty quick fan meeting but I enjoyed it a lot because of Dylan. Everyone obviously enjoyed every moment of the fan meeting and we all look forward to seeing you again in the future! To close the event, Ben Chan himself went up on stage to take a photo with Dylan and afterwards, he took a photo together with all the fans! It was but an amazing night! We love you Didi!