Fantastic Baka: unlimited premium meat choices starting at 499 pesos!

A feast on unlimited Korean BBQ having three sets of unli-dining experience starting at 499 pesos for pork, beef and chicken together with some of the most well-loved Korean side dishes, Fantastic Baka is a real fantastic Korean food experience in Quezon City. Fantastic Baka Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

What is Fantastic Baka?

Fantastic Baka is a Korean restaurant that offers numerous premium meat and side dishes through an unlimited grilling experience. Aside from its strategic location, the ambiance of the place gives a modern yet traditional Korean style dining experience through their regular and VIP rooms.

We visited Fantastic Baka after the press conference of Sunshine Family Movie to be covered by my team from Kimchi City and A Fangirl's Heart, which happens to be booked in the building beside Fantastic Baka.


Somehow reminding of Da hae Jeong because of its design, I love the fact the modern feel of the first-floor dining area and you'll be welcomed by this cute Fantastic Baka display! You can directly go to the counter so the staffs could prepare your seat ahead while you are deciding on what meal type you plan to have.

On the first floor, there are numerous seat types, one of the larger group and the one that could accommodate about four people. The exhausts on top our table were okay but we had a little hard time when the table next to us burned their grill too much and smoke literally goes to our table. Nevertheless, everything's good. 

Another surprising feature of this resto is the VIP area where your team could have an enclosed space that has a pretty different feel as it has a nice wooden design. According to their staff, if you want to have this area closed especially for your group, you just need to acquire a certain number of people dining and there's no additional charge for it.


Yep, to start off discussing their food, they have an unlimited self-service drink that you can refill anytime! Choices include iced tea, milk tea, and blue lemonade. This is already included in any type of grill package.

It's nice that the grill is huge, all the meats that we ordered were served fast together with the side dishes. You can easily tell that the meats are premium because of their color and freshness especially when we started to cook.

I love the fact that the meats were totally pink especially the samgyupsal because that indicates that it has been served fresh. It was newly cut as well for it still has that perfect roll which means that has only been cut before serving. It is highly suggested that when you cook meat, you grill the unseasoned ones first so that it will become crispy and it won't burn the grill.

As for the marinated ones, we love all the meats that we tried. (Well, we tried all!) but I decided to pick some of my favorites. The seasoned neck part has that cross taste of bulgogi and terikayi taste while the seasoned plate is close to the yangnyum flavor. The best part about their marinated meat is that it has been seasoned well that you can definitely taste the flavor up to the last bite.

Moving on to the side dishes, they have my favorite cabbage kimchi and spring onion kimchi which are both well-fermented. The kimchi is the traditional taste wherein it has that good spicy, salty and sour kick in a single bite  Moreover, the spring onion kimchi has been well-seasoned and its best partnered with through ssam. (ssam is a way of eating by putting various veggies and meat in lettuce and eating it all at the same time).

They also have japche and odeng, two of my faves. I expected the japche to contain some mushroom but didn't seem to find any. Nevertheless, the familiar japche taste is still there. There's also odeng strips (fish cake) that have been stir-fried. As I've mentioned before in my previous blogs, fish cakes are often served in fine dining high-end restos as a side dish as it is a little more expensive than the usual ones.

For the 'clay pot series' which I often call it, they have the steamed egg and the dwaenjang jjigae. What I like about their Sundubu jjigae is that it contains more veggies and tofu than having so much soup. I also put ice on my soup as I've tried it before with my friends having it cold and I find it refreshing.

On to the last side dishes, there are sauces like soy sauce and ssamjang for your meats, they also have the salads to complement the meat. With all honesty, I really wanted to visit here because I've seen a post that they have the Korean style sausage that goes with their meat but when I asked one of their staff, she said there's none so I'm quite disappointed. Why would another page post about unli-sausage if we can't find any of it on the store itself? :( Aside from that, it took us about four times of follow-ups for them to serve us cheese that we were almost done eating when it was served. 


Classic Unlimited

Beef and Pork (11 choices of meat plus the side dishes) - 499 pesos
Pork: Belly, Thin Belly, Neck Part, Jowl, Seasoned Neck Part, Seasoned Bulgogi, Spicy Bulgogi
Beef: Plate, Seasoned Plate, Seasoned Bulgogi, Spicy Bulgogi

Premium Unlimited

Beef and Pork (15 choices of meat plus the side dishes) - 799 pesos
Pork: Belly, Thin Belly, Neck Part, Jowl, Seasoned Neck Part, Seasoned Bulgogi, Spicy Bulgogi
Beef: Plate, Seasoned Plate, Seasoned Bulgogi, Spicy Bulgogi, Brisket Point, Prime Chuck Eyeroll, Seasoned Prime Chuck Eyeroll, Hanging Tender

Ella's Recommendation

1. You might wanna do an advance reservation if you plan to come in huge groups as we noticed that it gets filled up easily during peak hours especially that my squad visited it on a Sunday night where most families dine together.
2. Location is good so you can easily find it. It's just literally right in front of ABS-CBN.


Grandia Place 143 Mother Ignacia Ave Brgy, Quezon City
Opens 11AM -12AM/ 1AM
Contact: 0917 132 1170