Ho Cha Milk Tea: Healthy and Authentic Taiwanese Teas

With numerous milk tea shops popping out in Manila, the search for the authentic and those that are gonna fit our taste is going stronger than before. We found this Taiwanese milk tea brand and here's what you gotta expect from Ho Cha Milk Tea.Ho Cha Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

What is Ho Cha Milk Tea?

'Ho Cha' is set to become one of the newest crazes for milk tea as they serve authentic Taiwanese milk teas and fruit teas in the Philippines. It is proudly authentic as all the materials (ingredients) and equipment were all imported from Taiwan. The best part about this brand is that each of the drinks has been formulated by a Taiwanese biochemist to make sure that it doesn't just offer good taste, it also contains healthy ingredients to it. 


A milk tea shop situated inside the mall (Ever Gotesco Manila) lies this special milk tea shop that can cater to students and working individuals during their much-needed study time or hang-out times with their friends. It is near a lot of schools and offices so the place is accessible to this occasion. This is also a good place if you just plan to satisfy your cravings for milk tea!


'Good Tea Good Life' is the motto! 

Passion Fruit Drink

We've tried one of their fruit drink series and loved their passion fruit drink. It contains coconut jelly (nata) and pearls. What we love about this drink is that it contains fresh fruit tea taste and it is very refreshing given that it has been prepared only once you place your order.

Wintermelon Milk tea (Non-tea based)

Given that most milk teas from Taiwan are tea based, their take on Wintermelon is far different. It is pure milk but somehow tastes like soy (leche flan to be exact). This is also perfect as a substitute for your traditional dessert having a drink and dessert in one!

 Lychee Galaxy 

 The Lychee galaxy drink isn't just instagram-worthy. it is also healthy as it contains fruit jams, syrups and other specialized drink mix topped with butterfly liquid mixture. Taste-wise, it is dominant with the lychee taste especially that it is mixed with lemon. For the coloring, it is noticeable that it has a galaxy feel given that it shows 2 layer color. It has a butterfly liquid mixture (blue pea), all with blue pea edible flowers which are known for having numerous health benefits. This drink is best for those with a sweet tooth or if you are just looking for a drink that's will also serve as a dessert.

Black Sugar Oreo 

To add on their newest release is the Brulee Series having the following flavors: (Black Sugar Oreo Milk Tea, Matcha Latte Milk Tea, Creme Brulee Milk Tea, Black Sugar Milk Tea). We tried the Black Sugar Oreo drink and it surprisingly tastes like cookies and cream ice cream. It contains 'Ho Duo' Pudding which is a perfect tandem of egg pudding and gold pearl. I didn't expect it to be not too sweet since it contains black sugar but it is. Somehow, it is close to wintermelon flavor as well!

Ella's Recommendation:

1. If you plan to try their drinks and you aren't a fan of sweets, then it is suggested that you have it at 50% sugar level.
2. You can also their drinks via delivery from Grab and Food panda.


Ground Floor
Ever Gotesco Manila Plaza
C. M. Recto Avenue, Quiapo, Manila