Samgyupsalamat Bicutan Review

I've tried a few branches of Samgyupsalamat before and the restaurant never failed to provide quality meat choices and great side dishes that I often look for in a Korean restaurant. From its authentic flavors, unique name and competitive price range, it is a to-go place for youngsters like me. I tried the Samgyupsalamat branch in Bicutan and here's my review:

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Probably one of the most spacious branches of Samgyupsalamat, the Bicutan branch can cater to numerous families and group of friends at the same time. it's nice that customers no longer need to line-up and the place is still accessible for everyone.

 They also have a tv where various music videos were played. I'm just a little bothered with the background music and the one showed on-screen because the music and video aren't related at all. For non-kpop fans, they won't notice it for sure.


Given that Samgyupsalamat offers numerous meat choices, the best part for me is still their side dishes. I've tried numerous branches of Samgyupsalamat so I am wondering if they actually serve this amount of side dish on a regular basis. Nevertheless, the taste of Korean food is still highly recommended.

Here are some of the side dishes that aren't usually served in this resto but can be found in Samgyupsalamat. They have Odeng (fish cake), chili and garlic. If you aren't that familiar with banchans, garlic is usually grilled and added on to the ssam to enhance the flavors.

Aside from the dishes I stated above, I was surprised that they serve steamed egg, chapche and soup (dwaenjang jjigae) which I never had in other branches. I am glad that they serve these items here so I am wondering why they don't have it in other branches especially the ones near my place.

Moving on, I tried their Kimchi, the pickled onions and pickled radish. One of the main reasons why Samgyupsalamat is well-loved by both Filipinos and Koreans is that the spiciness level is not so adjusted and the pickled dishes are close to Filipinos' atchara making it not to difficult for Pinoys to eat it.

Of course, samgyupsal wouldn't be complete without the lettuce. But then, the dish that I always look forward on to is the spring onion kimchi which made me go back to this restaurant always!

To cap off the side dishes, they have the unlimited sauces (the usual Filipino style 'sawsawan' and the cheese) which are both refillable! And of course, we have the all-time favorite baby potatoes too!

For the highlight, here are some of my picks: If you've read most of my blogs, you already know that I am always into the unflavored/ unseasoned meats because I love the sauce, the brown one (ssamjjang). Also, having the unseasoned meat won't easily burn the grill adding the fact that with the right way of cooking, it will be crispy! I prefer beef over pork anyway! I also enjoyed the yangnyeom flavor too.

Of course, most Filipinos still prefer the 'ihaw' style so Samgyupsalamat tried to cater it as well by providing other flavors for you to try! Anyway, which one is your favorite?


Unlimited 1: ₱399-449 (Pork Only)
Unlimited 2: ₱449-499 (Pork and Beef)
** Price differs between lunch and dinner time


PTC Building, 24 Argentina St, cor Doña Soledad Ave, Parañaque\