Abiocco Alternative Filipino Restaurant Review

Cravings for your all-time Filipino favorites? Abbiocco Alternative Filipino is a must try restaurant in Quezon City! They offer various Filipino alternative dishes that are not just insta-worthy but tastes really good as well! Here's a rundown on some of my favorites:Abbiocco Alternative Filipino Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

What is Abiocco Alternative Filipino Restaurant?

It is a fine dining restaurant that offers traditional Filipino favorites and some alternative Filipino fusion dishes that don't just fit right on your Instagram grid but also fits well with your palette. Aside from that, the location of the restaurant is strategic that it is just a few steps away from the busy district of Tomas Morato in Quezon City.


My friend and I decided to have a nice catching up during our lunch and we love how this place accommodated us so well. Ambiance wise, the place is located at the ground floor of a building so it is easy to spot. Once you enter, there are numerous seats that's actually perfect for groups, couples, families or a huge number of diners. They also have a VIP area just in case you want a more conducive dining experience.


The French Onion Soup is a good starter. You'll be thinking a lot if the topping is cheese or bread. Well, I got it after a few bites but I'll leave it on you to guess what exactly it is. Taste-wise, the soup is actually familiar to most Filipinos as it will surely remind you of your favorite Bistek dish. Even though it is a soup, it has a very similar taste on that dish.

For me and my friend, the most memorable dish is the Fried Shrimp in Salted Egg Sauce because we both love prawns and salted egg. To balance the taste, it has a mango, cucumber and lettuce salad that goes along with it. Even though it is coated in salted egg sauce, the best part is that it still got that crunchy coating, the tempura-like one but not as thick as the coating of tempura.

The next two dishes that we tried are George's Oven baked chicken and pasta and Crema Carbonara. The baked chicken is somehow the usual ones that you contain a little nice sauce and some herbs to give that tasty kick. However, I would really appreciate if they could tone down the cream on the pasta as it is quite overwhelming. Also, the pasta is quite undercooked. Taste-wise and serving size, it is still good.

 Also, for their rice, they offer a generous bowl of rice with toppings that are close to your Filipino heart. In fact, the Shrimp rice and salted egg give you a taste of the salted egg, and shrimp in every bite. I initially thought that the salted egg and shrimp will only be toppings but there are pieces of it that's mixed with the rice too!

These are non-alcoholic beverages but you might think that it is mojito and a cocktail once it is served. They offer a few choices of non-alcoholic drinks (which contains only sparkling soda so it is safe for kids and of course, it has no bitter taste. I highly suggest this if you are on the healthy side of your dining experience but if you are up for some liquor, they also have these items on their menu.

Sct. Rallos Street Corner Mother Ignacia Avenue, Laging Handa, Quezon City