Recommended Korean Lunch Box Meals to try in Metro Manila

Are you fond of eating Korean lunch boxes? I have a few favorite places where you can try Korean food in a box for your next meetings or lunch-outs. Here are some of my most recommended restaurants where you can order some:

What's inside a Korean lunchbox?

Korean lunch boxes are usually served on student canteens, packed lunches at work, and brought as snacks during picnics. Usually, lunch boxes contain rice, soup, side dishes such as kimchi, egg rolls, and other common Korean side dishes.

Kaya Restaurant

Kaya restaurant is a Korean restaurant that offers authentic ala carte Korean dishes with numerous branches all over Metro Manila. Their Korean lunch box can only be purchased in bulk as of this article's writing but the best part about it is that it can be customized. Their ala carte meals to are perfect for lunch box meals as well. We've been eating lunch box meals from Kaya for Korean events and the restaurant directly delivers it on our venue.

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Manse Express

Manse Korean Express offers varieties of set meals which differ from one another, each set contains meat, side dishes with two types of kimchi, pickled radish, beansprouts, egg roll, meatloaf cuts, and macaroni salad. It's cool that they have a good quality of side-dishes that it feels like it is from a Korean household.

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Yakikai Restaurant

Yakikai's take on lunch boxes is actually just a freebie of side dishes when you order any of their meal sets. They have variety of side dishes available once you order any of their meals at a certain amount. Their side dishes come in a cute lunch box packaging that''s also perfect for take-outs.

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