Must try dishes at Mr. Park's bread and cakes

Mr. Park's Bread and Cakes is a bakeshop located in the busy district of Ortigas Ave. It is home to delicious cakes, pastries, various types of pieces of bread, and bingsu. Here's a quick review of the things I love about this shop.

What is Mr. Park's Bread and Cakes?

Mr. Park's Bread and Cakes is a Korean bakery serving numerous types of bread, pastries and gourmet dishes. They are also home to selected bingsu (Korean shaved ice) and fancy cakes. They have a number of branches in Metro Manila as well.


The bakeshop is actually a huge hangout or study place for those who wish to have a quiet time to study or work. They have enough sockets too if you run out of battery. The good thing about this place is that it is accessible to those who work or study in Ortigas and they have a number of seats for diners. My friends and I used to hang out here a lot during the days when we tutored Korean kids here and so I decided to bring two of my friends for them to try some of my faves here.


Being vocal as a fan of Bingsu, I love how classic the bingsu in Mr. Parks (as how we often call this shop) serves. There were only a few choices for their bingsu including the original Pat Bingsu (sweet beans), the chocolate one, and the fruit bingsu.

The price range is affordable having the bingsu at around less than 300 pesos good for 2-3 pax already. When I first tried their bingsu, we used to order the regular one which is good for one to two already but it seems that they phased it out already and only serves large ones. It is also a surprise that they won't give extra spoons given that one bowl of bingsu will only have one spoon when in fact, we usually share bingsu, right?

Anyway, the chocolate flavor contains ice cream, chocolate kisses, banana, and pillows like snacks on top of it. If you are not into too many sweets like I am, you may not be able to finish one whole bowl.

Their fruit bingsu is what I usually order since I am not really into chocolates and beans. It is kinda sad that they do not have it often probably because of the supply of fruits and the fruits included in the bowl differs during my visits. If this is available on their menu and you wish to have fresh fruits as well, this is the perfect dessert for you. This bingsu normally contains banana, kiwi, melon, and watermelon. It is also topped with beans and vanilla ice cream.

I have a number of pieces of bread that I love from this shop and let me highlight this one. Yes, they have mini burgers and it is less than 200 pesos for three small ones. If you actually plan to eat bingsu, this is a good pair for it if you are eating out with your friends. Just so you have something savory to munch on before eating cold desserts. If you are not into burgers, they have a selection of sandwiches and pieces of bread too. (Their croissant is a must-try!)

Ella's Recommendation

1. If you are planning to hang out here with your friends to spend a good catch-up, I suggest that you come here during off-peak hours since there are quite a number of students here who come and stay to study or work. It will be a nuisance if you are too loud.

2. Their pieces of bread are fresh every day but it is quite expensive than other bakeries inside the mall. Nevertheless, the price is still worth the quality.


Eton Emerald Loft, Garnet Rd, Ortigas Center, Pasig